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Adds a few new options to bobblehead stands

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We don't know what went on in Bethesda's head when they made the bulky and ugly Bobblehead stand.
Maybe they're compensating for.. something? ;)

So Eli designed the compact and versatile small shelf and DD built it.
Also, skulls make everything better. Enjoy the gloriousness. 


Adds a couple different variations of shelves and skull holders for your bobbleheads, optional ESP allows Robot Toy Models to be stored on any bobblehead shelf as well. There is a 5,6,7, and 20 bobblehead holder version of each shelf, and two different animated skulls that display one bobblehead each.
They are all found in the same crafting area as the original bobblehead holder. 

0 Compatibility issues, It uses vanilla keywords etc. If you find this mod is having issues with another settlement mod OTHER than the menu limit bug, contact that other MA immediately cause they done screwed with something vanilla in a bad bad way

(^ Everything in this video should be released very soon) 

^Demonstration of the Animated Skull Single bobblehead Holders

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