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Improves on the Nuka World Raiders making them stronger and more distinct from their Commonwealth counterparts.

Permissions and credits
  • Mandarin

General Changes
- Better weapon and armor progression.
    - Nuka World Raiders will get better and more complete armor at higher levels.
    - They will get higher chances of getting their gang specific Handmade weapons at higher levels.

New NPCs
- Adds higher level variants on par with Gunner levels.
    - Added an Enforcer, which are tougher than average raiders, and a Slayer, which hits harder compared to other raiders, variant to each of the gangs.
    - Added unique high level legendaries each with a unique perk.
        - Disciple Executioner has a perk which makes them take less damage and do more damage when their health is below 30%.
        - Operator Collector has a perk that gives them superior range and accuracy
        - Pack Beastman has a perk that gives them better toughness and some armor penetration

Boss Upgrades
- Optional plugin enhances the gang bosses, such as Nisha, Mags, and Mason, and their lieutenants, such as William Black and Nisha.
    - Gang bosses will now level with the player.
        - They will still start at level 49 just like vanilla.
    - Makes the gang bosses and lieutenants legendary type NPCs.
    - Gives each of them the respective custom perks from the unique legendaries.

Pack Beast Option
- Added Pack Ghoulrillas as a legendary variant of Pack Dogs.

New Random Encounters
- Adds new assault encounters that uses Random Encounter Framework (https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/60074). This change aims to give the faction more interaction with the rest of the Commonwealth.
    - New assault encounters between the Nuka World raiders and the other minor Commonwealth factions such as Gunners and other raider gangs.
    - Assault encounters between each of the gangs against the one that turned against you during the Nuka World quest.

 Recommended Mods

While not required to run this mod, these are the ones I am currently using alongside this:
- DeadEye
- DirectHit


This mod is designed to be modular. You can use the changes to the Encounters and the Bosses separately if you have other overhauls.


Whenever possible, vanilla record changes are done through RobCo. The new npcs are using their own leveled list, although based on the default leveled list, may need a patch to be compatible with other faction overhauls.

Weapons and Armor Faction Overhauls
- These refer to overhauls that edit the vanilla NPC weapons or armor leveled lists.
- Will need to be patched so the new NPCs added by this mod would use the new weapons and armor. Otherwise, they will be using whatever is vanilla.
- Another option is to not install the Leveled List option under Extras which edit the NPC armor leveled list.
need a patch.

Faction NPC Stats Overhaul
-  These are faction overhauls that edit the vanilla NPC stats.
- Not changed in this mod. No patch needed.


Feel free to make patches or translations with this mod.

 Credits and Thanks

- Zzyxzz for RobCo Patcher (https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/69798)
- Glitchfinder for the Random Encounter Framework (https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/60074)