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About this mod

This audio mod will help you manage your Fusion Core inventory with the aid of an on-board artificial intelligence. This A.I. will remind you when your present Fusion Core levels reach 25%.

- Voiced A.I.
- Fusion Core Ejection sounds
- <25% Fusion Core Depletion sounds
- Custom Left Channel Light Switch sound

Permissions and credits

Developed by West-Tek Research, the Advanced Computer System or A.C.S. has been been designed to give you an immersive Fusion Core experience.
Please load the holotape above for a short demonstration.

Update 7/17/2016:
Clarified installation instructions. Note this is for new players who may have not set up their inis for custom manual mod installs.

Update 1/10/2016:

See Optional Files down below.


Step 1A:

- Edit your Fallout4.ini

Located in this directory: ...\My Games\Fallout4\Fallout4.ini

Step 1B:

Under this section:


- Create the following entry:


Variable "sResourceDataDirsFinal" must be blank like so:


Step 1C:

Add this entry under the
[Archive] section of your Fallout4Custom.ini:

Remove everything from sResourceDataDirsFinal so that it's blank, like this: 

Step 2:

 - Extract the folder "Data" from the zip file into your Fallout directory. Usually located here:
C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Fallout 4

Optional Files:

Quieter A.I. Voice:
- By popular request, I have lowered the volume of the A.I. If you would like a quieter A.I. then download and overwrite your current mod files with:
A.I. Voice -30 Percent Lowered Volume

Pipboy Audio Channels:
- By popular request, I have also adjusted the Pipboy Light Switch volume pan for anyone who wishes to hear the light switch in both channels. There are two options available: A full channel (both speakers) or a 60/40 option (highly recommended!)

If you want to have the audio centered, then download and overwrite your current mod files with:
Pipboy Light Switch Full Channel (Stereo)

Director's Choice! Check out the other option below. It stays true to the original design while giving some residual audio over to the right channel. 60%
Left Channel pan with 40% Right Channel pan.
Pipboy Light Switch (60 Percent Left - 40 Percent Right Channel Edit)

- Please leave me a PM if you plan on using this mod in your videos. I would be delighted to share them here!
- Please send me a PM for all other questions or ask them on the forums and I will try to answer them when I can.

Known Issues:
- Fusion Core depletion notifications may be triggered at wrong moments. I.e while getting into a Power Suit that has well over 25% of Fusion power. The game uses the same file for various instances of loading / unloading of the Power Armor. If I find a way around this then I'll be sure to update the mod here.
- There are no visual effects in third person to accompany the ejection sounds. I'm looking for talented modders who may be willing to help add in steam and animated empty fusion core pieces. PM me if you're interested.

Flavor Text:
West Tek Research developed an artificial intelligence to accompany Power Suit users during field operations. Unfortunately due to world events, the prototype model did not reach the assembly lines. Fortunately for you however, a holotape has surfaced at the Nexus. Within the holotape's ribbon,  a coded message was discovered. The message revealed full schematics and programming instructions for the development of the T-51.C A.C.S. Vault dwellers at the Nexus have managed to graft the system to other Power Armor models increasing the effectiveness even further.

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