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Changes the Old North Bridge to use the pre-war model. No more ugly holes!

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Repaired Sanctuary Bridge

This mod provides a very quick fix to a thing I've heard quite a few people request.  It simply swaps the model for the Old North Bridge (the bridge connecting Sanctuary tothe mainland) from its post war, partially destroyed model, to its pre-war model.  No cell edits were made, so theoretically there should be no issues with the cell reset bug either, so if one is found please tell me immediately.  The model remains fully navmeshed and NPC's can walk over it without any issues.  

Install with NMM or drop in your Data Folder.  You must add the line "bUseCombinedObjects=0" to your Fallout4.ini file (no quotes) for this to work properly.  This has been reported to cause framerate drops on some systems, though I personally have not had any noticeable issues. Use at your own discretion.  You do not need to make this edit if you are using the non-cell edit version of Spring Cleaning

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