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  1. DDProductions83
    • BANNED
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    You might want to read this before posting
    You spoiler tag by doing the following without the space by each bracket
    [ spoiler ]
    spoiler here
    [ /spoiler ]

    Comments that will get deleted
    -Asking where a location is for a log. They pretty much say the names of most places. Google the fallout 4 interactive map. I am not your google.
    -Stupid ones-
    -Bug ones (Theres a bug section please use it)-
    -Ones without a spoiler tag if they give away location etc-
    -Retexture requests- (Not applicable to this mod kind of)

    Comments that will get you Banned from all my files
    -Lore nazi comments without finishing the mod, after, if you don't put any lore issues in a spoiler, it will get deleted, it's lore friendly, play the mod don't judge based on a name-
    -Any type of "If you do this I'll endorse" comments-
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    He just made an awesome mod, I've had this mod since he's released it. It's still working good, I love it! Im running over 650 mods lol :P
  3. IgnacyOrder
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    Basically its main quest of Fallout 76 but done so much better ^^
  4. joeypyle
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    cant find bear three or ten. the tapes went from 2 directly to 4 and bear ten is supposed to be at a radio tower. I checked the broadcasting station and the tower in the glowing sea. am I missing something? any help would be nice.
  5. Riscc
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    What are those forcefields. I don't wanna see that. And why tf is the mod productor banned ?
  6. speed0spank
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    Too bad homeboy couldn't control himself cause his mods are ace.
    1. Lossmar
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      >tfw you will never discover whats next

      Makes me sad as hell....
  7. chew222
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    I don't think this mod is incomplete. the final holotape mentions several clues to the final destination.

    clue 1 -- vault 273 is a vault but the name is a code.

    clue 2 -- the vault is still active.

    clue 3 -- "the vault is over me, around me, closing in on me, and coldly embracing me ever nearer." this is a quote from H G Wells' classic novel, 'First Man in the
    Moon'. the full quotation is "over me, around me, closing in on me, embracing me ever nearer was the Eternal; that which was before the beginning,
    and that which triumphs over the end; that enormous void . . . the infinite and final Night of space." (chapter 19)

    clue 4 -- eternal, infinite = 8
    "the beginning" = 1
    "the Eternal; that which was before the beginning" = 81


    time to get back in the game. i'll meet you guys on the other side.
  8. Zymandis
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    Just thought i would ask ... can we expect the other parts up soon or is this abandoned ? bcoz i dont like cliffhangers
    1. jjb54
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      IF you notice under the author's name: BANNED.

      Sad ... but from what I read, he apparently crossed some lines.

      I also read that someone else has " picked it up ", but have seen no real evidence of this....

      .. Jj ...
  9. yzerman19
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    Whatever happened to DDProductions83?
    1. jjb54
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      This mod is no longer supported.

      Apparently and based on visual evidence, the author has been Banned.

      Sadly I've had to remove all the mods, as there is clearly no more support.

      .. Jj...

      PS: IF someone obviously has an update - LET US KNOW, PLEASE.
  10. lsh40
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    So I've found the fifth bear

    . But I can't pick it up because it was inside another object. Is there any solutions?
    1. lsh40
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      nvm, aimed at the right location and I got the bear successfully
    2. Acnorax
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      I just have the same exact issue, how did you get it????
      Edit: NVM I got it
  11. CrysKilljoy
    • supporter
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    Hey, I really like this mod, but even though most of the gamesound is in absolute perfect volume, Wilsons records are extremely low volume so even, if I turn of the radio, the gamesoundtrack is louder than the record. Did I oversee something or is there a fix for this?