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Overhauls the Institute faction in a way that would make them weaponize their teleportation technology making them the "Big Bad" or the "Boogeyman" they were rumored to be.

Permissions and credits
  • Mandarin

General Changes
- Synths now have a chance to spawn with some armor.
- Higher level synths will spawn with relay grenades.

Faction Boss
- The 3 Elite Synths, XPN-20A, Z4K-97B, and A-2018, have been modified to have better stats and would now level with the player.
- If you have the Expanded plugin of this mod, they would have the Centurion perk and the Trojan grenades.

Faction NPC Perks
- Adds perks to faction NPCs that unlock better effects as you progress through the faction's quest line e.g. completing "Nuclear Family" would unlock a chance to stagger. Note that additional effects like stagger and disarm would only affect NPC vs NPC so if you are fighting the faction, you will not get staggered all over the place.

New NPCs
- Adds new higher level Institute NPCs such as Synth Destroyers, Vanquishers, and Obliterators.
- New Courser type units called the Institute Infiltrator with normal and legendary variants.

New Random Encounters
- Adds new assault encounters that uses Random Encounter Framework (https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/60074). This change aims to give the faction more interaction with the rest of the Commonwealth.
    - After defeating its opponents, the Institute turns its attention to the rest of the Commonwealth. Assault encounters have been added where the Institute fights other minor factions such as raiders, gunners, and mutants.
    - As the new head of the Institute, your enemies are the Institute's enemies. This means if you clear the raiders on Nuka World, you will see the Institute fighting whats left of them through out the Commonwealth.

 Recommended Mods

While not required to run this mod, these are the ones I am currently using alongside this:
- Aggressive Synth Voice Overhaul
- DeadEye
- DirectHit


This mod is designed to be modular. You can use the changes to the Encounters and the Faction Bosses separately if you have other faction overhauls.


Whenever possible, vanilla record changes are done through RobCo.

In vanilla, ALL synths use the same set of templates which are based on the lowest level synths, that's why you would see level 100 Synth Eradicators with no armor. For this mod, I needed to edit a lot of vanilla record in the ESP in order to fix the issue wherein synths are not wearing any armor. In addition, the new npcs are using their own leveled list and would need a patch to be compatible with other faction overhauls.

Weapons and Armor Faction Overhauls
- These refer to overhauls that edit the vanilla NPC weapons or armor leveled lists.
- Will need to be patched so the new NPCs added by this mod would use the new weapons and armor. Otherwise, they will be using whatever is vanilla.
- Overhauls that override the vanilla Institute outfits do not need.

Faction NPC Stats Overhaul
- These are faction overhauls that edit the vanilla NPC stats.
- Not edited by this mod. No patch needed

- Coursers edits are only done through RobCo and this is to give them Synth Grenades, which would make them compatible with mods that only change Coursers.


Feel free to make patches or translations with this mod.

 Credits and Thanks

- Zzyxzz for RobCo Patcher (https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/69798)
- Glitchfinder for the Random Encounter Framework (https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/60074)