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Adds a new Backpack to the game with 12 alternate craftable color and faction options.

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This mod adds a brand new backpack with 12 different materials to choose from. I originally was trying to port over my similar Fallout: New Vegas mod but I opted to just start from scratch with this one. 
The backpack can be crafted at the Chemistry Bench, and modified at the Armor Bench. It can also be found early on at the Ranger Cabin near Vault 111. It adds 50 points to your carrying capacity when worn. 

Huge Thanks to Kottabos Games for this spectacular showcase video! :) 

I used Blender, Substance Painter, Gimp, Outfit Studio, Nifskope, and the Creation Kit to make this mod. 
If there are any problems let me know. 
User images are greatly appreciated