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A remake of my Canvas Backpacks from last year. New models and textures, along with more faction and color variants

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I wasn't very happy with my Canvas Backpacks mod from 2020 so here is a completely remade version. The old mod was my first attempt at 3d modeling and creating textures and to be honest they are a total mess. 

Now there is 21 backpack variants, with more generic colors and more factions being represented. The backpacks weigh 1 pound and give you a +51 to your carrying capacity.  The Backpacks have male, female and world models. The Straps are fitted to work with leather armor. 

The fit of the straps can be very easily adjusted in outfit studio


Brown / Black / Blue : Purchased from Chet in Goodsprings 

NCR / Legion / Followers of the Apocalypses / Brotherhood of Steel : Found in their respective safe houses

Vault-Tec : Purchased from Sara in Vault 21

RobCo : Found in your room in the Lucky 38

Enclave : Found inside the Remnants Bunker

Mojave Express : Purchased from Johnson Nash in Primm

High Quality Canvas West-Tek Backpack : Found in the Deathclaw Promontory

Sunset Sarsaparilla : Inside the treasure room after you turn in the star caps

Grey / Green / Nuka-Cola : Purchased from Cliff Briscoe in Novac

Camo / Red / Pink / Yellow / Purple : Purchased from Blake at the Crimson Caravan

I used Blender 2.91.2, Outfit Studio, Nifskope, Substance painter 2020 and GIMP. 

If there are any problems let me know, 
User images are greatly appreciated

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