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21 new backpacks. For Fallout New Vegas and A Tale of Two Wastelands

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 Update v2 : brand new textures for every backpack, removed straps completely and adds support forA Tale of Two Wastelands! 

This mod adds 21 new backpacks to Fallout New Vegas and A Tale Of Two Wastelands. They Give you +51 carry weight and are scattered across the wastelands as unique items 

 I used Blender 3.3.1, Substance Painter 2022, Gimp, Outfit Studio and Nifskope to create this mod. 
If there are any problems let me know. 
User images are greatly appreciated 


Brown / Black / Blue : Purchased from Chet in Goodsprings
TTW: At Craterside Supply in Megaton

NCR / Legion / Followers of the Apocalypses / Brotherhood of Steel : Found in their respective safe houses
TTW: BOS bag found in the center of the citadel, see images for exact placement

Vault-Tec : Purchased from Sara in Vault 21
TTW: On your bed in your Megaton Home

RobCo : Found in your room in the Lucky 38

Enclave : Found inside the Remnants Bunker
TTW: Under the bed in the Brandice Household in Grayditch

Mojave Express : Purchased from Johnson Nash in Primm

High Quality Canvas West-Tek Backpack :Found in the Deathclaw Promontory

Sunset Sarsaparilla : Inside the treasure room after you turn in the star caps

Grey / Green / Nuka-Cola : Purchased from Cliff Briscoe in Novac
TTW: In the NukaCola Plant on a desk at near the 

Camo / Red / Pink / Yellow / Purple : Purchased from Blake at the Crimson Caravan