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Adds NV-style Damage Threshold to power armours (armors)- they reduce all damage taken by a flat amount, before Damage Resistance.

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Thanks to FO4Edit!

This mod adds Damage Threshold (like in New Vegas) to all power armours. Any damage they take is reduced by a flat amount, then Damage Resistance is applied. This effectively renders them immune to low-damage weapons without Armour Piercing.

Thanks to some neat work by Bethesda, NPCs will recognise if they can't damage a target and will flee from it, so if you rock up to a low-level raider camp in full X-01 expect to see most of them flee in terror!

The DT for each full armour set is:
  • Raider Power Armour: 10
  • T45 Power Armour: 15
  • T51 Power Armour: 20
  • T60 Power Armour: 25
  • X-01 Power Armour: 30

This makes power armour more effective against weak, high-rate-of-fire weapons without dramatically altering how it performs against powerful weapons like explosives, sniper rifles and armour-piercing weapons. Take a lot at this chart to see a comparison of the protection power armour offers with and without DT. It's an all-round buff, but not *dramatically* so.

If you want this effect applied to Vertibirds too, try
 Tougher Vertibirds.
Both mods include a copy of Damage Threshold.esm. If you are using both, it is safe to override it on install.

If you would like to add this effect in your own mods, use the Damage Threshold resource.

If your power armour would reduce an attack to <0 damage, it is *healed* rather than damaged by it (your HP isn't increased, just your power armour's). This isn't currently fixable.

It is compatible with other mods altering power armour upgrade slots (e.g. More Power Armour Mods). It is compatible with other mods altering the effects of power armour mods.

It is compatible via patches with:

It is not compatible with other mods altering power armour base stats (e.g. Power Armour Rebalance).

Can you separate it into physical/energy resist?
I've tried but it's not worked- I think I need the GECK to set a bunch of the unknown values.