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Music from a parallel reality! Frank Sinatra sings Smells like Teen Spirit! AI-generated music radio station.

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This mod adds a new radio station, Time & Space Radio, which plays 15 new songs. Each of these songs has modern lyrics but is sung by long-dead artists. 

At the time of my writing, the legality of AI-generated content is basically the wild west. My limited understanding is that all of this falls under 'fair use'  and to my knowledge doesn't conflict with Nexus' own blog post on the subject (https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/news/14850).  The intended purpose of this mod is not to make money or to distribute copyrighted material, it is an experimental art project to explore the possible future of retro-styled music in Fallout 4 and future Fallout games. I think this music is cool, and hope that Bethesda will take notice and will consider creating AI-generated music for Fallout 5 rather than dipping back into the rather limited pool of tunes from the real world 1940s, 50s, and '60s.  With that, Enjoy this mod. Please don't sue me.

Technical Note:
This mod uses the radio frequency 94.314148 and will conflict with any other mod that also uses this number. But, in the optional files, you also find other versions with different frequencies.

01. AI_Frank_Sinatra sings Smells Like Teen Spirit
02. AI_Frank_Sinatra sings Where is My Mind
03. AI_Hank_Williams sings House Of The Rising Sun
04. AI_Frank_Sinatra sings Gangstas Paradise
05. AI_Frank_Sinatra sings Creep
06. AI_Elvis_Presley sings Take Me Home Country Roads
07. AI_Louis_Armstrong sings Enjoy-the-silence
08. AI_Elvis_Presley sings Hallelujah
09. AI_Ella_Fitzgerald sings Killing Me Softly With His Song
10. AI_The_Beach_Boys sing Hurt
11. AI_Hank_Williams sings Straight Outta Compton
12. AI_Frank_Sinatra sings Basket Case
13. AI_Frank_Sinatra sings Say Something
14. AI_Elvis_Presley sings Shes A Lady
15. AI_Louis_Armstrong sings Low

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