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The building of the Boston Photo Studio with an internal settlement. + 150 background decorations for your photos and + 100 entries for custom backgrounds. Uses new terrain. Go straight down the road from "Robotics disposal ground"

Permissions and credits
This is a place for creativity, photography. Use your mods that add interesting items to the workshop menu to build a composition, put a light source and take pictures (I use light and fx from the Settlement Objects Expansion Pack mod). You have a composition but don't have a background for it, use the Boston Photo Studio set in the workshop menu. 
All images are created using neural networks!

If you don't like Boston Photo Studio's stock images, you can make your own. You need Photoshop and Intel Texture Works or XnConvert.
DOWNLOAD PSD TEMPLATE Optional files - PSD Boston Photo Studio - Template 4096x4096 or PSD Boston Photo Studio - Template 8192x8192
Directory Fallout 4\Data\Textures\MozenrathPhotoStudio\CustomDecorations
File name CustomDecorations001.ddsCustomDecorations002.ddsCustomDecorations001.dds\ CustomDecorations003.dds \\\\\ CustomDecorations100.dds

What does this mod do?
- Settlement inside the Photo Studio building
Recruitment radio beacon works, you can move settlers from other settlements.
Sometimes hostile guests will come to you.
Basement where you can collect water.
- ≈ 150 decorations with backgrounds in the workshop menu. (Some in multiple versions)
- 3 Billboard Boston Photo Studio and lettering. (workshop menu)
- helipad on the roof
- 100 Custom Decorations
In the future, I plan to make several mods containing additional sets of decorations.

requirements: The Borders Of The World

Copy the files in the game folder and activate the esp.
Mod must be below The Borders Of The World in load order


Use BostonPSUninstaller, can be crafted at the chemical workbench, in category Boston Photo Studio.
Remove the contents of this mod.

Thanks to everyone who makes Creation Kit tutorials for Fallout 4
Also: Aurelianis1000101,
  T.A.P. GamingYulliah's TutorialsDarthWayne

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