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Color map with Bobblehead, Power Armor, Settlement and Fast Travel Locations.

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Color map with Bobblehead,Power Armor, Settlement and Fast Travel Locations.

Use the 4K version if you can, its best looking and the one in screenshots.
Use the 2K version if you Really low on VRAM.

v2.0 Full Magazine and Bobble Heads locations, colored Icons. Final Version

If you discovered a new location and my Icon is not lining up, make a
screenshot and PM me, also include location name.
Please try to send at least in 1080P resolution, lower resolutions overlap lots
of Icons.

To see Color Map open or create "fallout4custom.ini" located at
C:\Users\YourWindowsUsername\Documents\My Games\Fallout4

And add the following:




The last one should fix Power Armor map being way too bright.

If you already have [Archive], [Pipboy] or [Display], dont duplicate, just add
the text under it.

If you use the Full color pipboy edit, im sure you noticed the white text,
please download this cool mod to make the pipboy background 100% black, will
improve pipboy usability by miles.
I already talked to the author and he agreed to include it as part of my map
installer next time i release an update, for now get it directly from the

If You want the Vanilla color version of the map without any locations, you can
get it from Nixsy