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Replaces the Devestators Armor with Dak's Ballistic Mask, and some Tactical Nightvision Goggles

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Unique Replacers Project
Making Unique Weapons a little more interesting...

As featured in Life in the Ruins
see the modlist in the Wabbajack Gallery for more information

This is another entry in a series of patches, designed to spice up the unique weapons of the game by replacing them completely with *actual* unique weapons, patched from other mods on the nexus. In this installment we've got another armor replacer, with the Devestator's armor sold by KLEO being replaced with Dak's Ballistic Mask, and some West Tec Tactical Nightvision/Thermal Goggles

This patch does the following:
  • Replaces the Devestator's Chest Armor with Dak's Ballistic Mask
  • Replaces the Devestators Greave with some Tactical Night Vision / Thermal goggles (Legendary effect has been replaced with one that describes the goggles function)
  • Includes an ESP replacer for West Tec Tactical Optics that disables the mod's world edits and levelled list edits, and allows you to swap between thermal and nightvision at the crafting bench.

The ESP replacer for West Tec basically disables all other ways to get any of their tech in world. It is based on version 1.1, NOT the latest 2.0, and I recommend you get v1.1 (although it should probably still work with 2.0). If you want the full West-Tec Tactical Optics experience, then don't use this mod (there is an old version that instead replaces the devestators armor with the Classic Metal Armor instead).
This mod relies on Vanilla Uniques Framework to do the replacing. If you already started the game but had that mod in your load order when you did, installing this mod will replace the base item, but not the addons, and you'll need fix the item at the workbench.