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I grew annoyed that the Silver Submachine Gun didn't have a legendary effect so I decided to add one to it.

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Made with FO4Edit 3.1.3


v2: The true Silver Submachine Gun (now a standalone weapon) is located where you find the prop gun in Hubris Comics. It should still be there even if you already did the quest.

If you don't feel like looking around the Item ID is xx001801 where xx is the number of your load order.

Not compatible with any mod that alters the interior cell of Hubris Comics!


Inspired by Silver Submachine Gun Receiver by Moraelin (Which I rather like, but I just wanted it have a normal effect like the other unique weapons)

It now has the Nocturnal effect, which I thought was fitting to the character.

Added: Some optional files with other legendary effects that could fit the Silver Shroud. Only use one of the files!

Unfortunately you'll have to add it to your inventory via console: player.additem 1b28f7 otherwise it won't have the effect.


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