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Simple patch to lower the clip sound volume of the M1 Garand Mod...

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M1 Garand Clip Volume Patch
What this?

Simple Jack to lower the clip sound volume of the M1 Garand Mod.

But why?

I'm partially deaf wearing a Vibrant Sound Bridge on my left ear, and due to my advanced age my right ear isn't in good shape either. But that clip sound I hear...from miles away...even without deaf aids. Also, there was a discussion on Discord about the volume, so I figure I am not alone.

What do we need?

The M1 Garand Mod obviously.

How is it done?

See screenshot. I've edited the static attenuation effectively lowering the volume. It should be now pretty much in line with the gunshot volume.

I'm using 10094 87756998927328995738732 trillion mods, can't you make an .esl?

1. you can do that easily with xEdit yourself.
2. you can also use xEdit to merge it into your master patch.

Both are like 1 minute of effort.

I want to report a bug!

The chance for a bug in this hack is virtually = 0%. If it is somehow conflicting then this is your job.