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A large underground facility ridden with feral ghouls, providing a challenge for all players.

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  • Spanish
  • Russian
  • Mandarin
  • German
  • French

New in update 1.5
  • Better compatability with Sim settlements and settlers in general for the workshops
If you build a Fast Travel Mat in the settlement area, it will move the fast travel target out of the common room into the settlement area, potentially irreversibly. Do that at your own risk

New in update 1.4
  • Fixed items sometimes going invisible in Epicurus Fortune - Workshop Mode!

New in update 1.3
  • Fixed/added navmeshing for the workshops (The bosses can now walk!)
  • Improved navmesh for all cells
  • Made important items like keycards and collectibles static (they wont fly away when explosions happen near them)

New in update 1.2
  • Expanded the existing workshop map
  • Epicurus' fortune now has a workshop mode aswell, giving you two workshop areas now!
  • Fixed a light in cmbfacility02 (Nordic Europa) conflicting with mods that modify the PIP-boy's light


Nordic Europa, a secretive research facility situated deep under ground. Once home to bright minds – researching nuclear science, biology and alternative energy – now a husk of its former self (as well as its inhabitants)
A dungeon mod consisting of 6 large interiors, filled with lore, loot, easter eggs and enemies, with an emphasis on good performance and nice looking lighting, aswell as embracing the "science-y" feel of Fallout, with unique interiors and props. The dungeon is intended for higher level characters (who enjoys mowing down hordes of feral ghouls!)
At the end, there are interior settlements (player-home) and a large open hall for the player to build in!

Location is near Cambridge Police station. To enter the dungeon, you need at least "Advanced" Hacker Perk!
Map Locations:
Decrepit Office Building – This will be a marked location on the map, and where the dungeon begins!
Unnasuming residence – This is marked but hidden, and is where you end up after finishing the dungeon.

Fast-travelling to Unnasuming residence will put you down near the workshops, for easy access.