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Replaces vanilla workbench with new workbench. 6 options available - No Brand, Robco, General Atomics, Red Rocket, Snap-on, Binford. Vanilla workbench is ID'd as container so no precombines broken.

Permissions and credits
New workbench, tried to keep vertices and triangles as low as possible.

New Workbench -
Vertices - 4,078
Triangles - 6,083 

Vanilla workbench is -
Vertices -  6,459
Triangles - 8,728

Created workbench, toolbox, pliers, lube rack, lube cans, handles, frame, vise, vise handle, pegs, pegboards in Blender
Used vanilla assets for wrenches and screwdrivers 

Created textures in gimp, paint.net, blender

Vertex count is lower but the textures are high quality, please let me know if you experience issues with high quality textures and I may be able to resize the larger textures 

Just reiterating this is a container just like vanilla, only the model/textures replaced, no plugin and no precombines broken

Please feel free to use the models how you like - no permission needed

I kept the workbench in a modular state so if you don't like the tools all over or want to remove the lube cans, rack etc.. you can open up the workbench in nifskope or outfit studio and delete any of the pieces you don't like or want 

Credit to UrbanRanger88 for the idea