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Adds two grills as cooking stations you can craft at settlements

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This mod simply adds two new cooking stations

All this mod does is adds two new cooking stations that use the grill models (Dirty and Pre-War) and adds them to the settlement build menu. They are under the crafting tab. They do not require local leader perk to build them. 

I made this mod very quickly, all I did was duplicated the normal cooking station and the parts needed to add it to the crafting menu and simply replaced the normal model for the grill model. This mod does not alter any of the normal cooking stations, this simply copy's some of their stats.

What does this mod do different than others?

Yes there is another mod that does basically the same thing, that mod being BBQ Grill. The reason I made this mod is I did not want the sound changes that mod made to the rest of the cooking stations in the game. This mod is essentially the same but the sound files were not messed with. 

If you have any issues uninstalling/installing this mod then use one of the many mods on Nexus that will repair/fix workshop menu's such as these mods: Workshop Menu Missing Tabs Fix or have Workshop Framework
 installed before this mod and no issues should arise if you decide to uninstall this mod mid-game. This mod should be perfectly safe to install on an existing save.


Version 1.1: Fixed Issue With Lid Falling Off Of The Dirty Grill