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ad3d0 and GePalladium

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Restores missing workshop menu tabs.

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Simple tool.
Restores missing workshop menu tabs.
Included: All the Workshop Menus. 

Install the mod with your favorite mod manager.
Go to a chems workbench, in "Utility" then "Missing Tab Fix"you'll find some new recipes.
Select the tab(s) you need to restore, build it.
Be sure you're in 1st person view. (to avoid a possible bug reported by users)
Consume the new chem(s) you added and save.
Uninstall the mod, you don't need it anymore.
That's it.

Because I needed it.
I deleted a neon mod without reading the description of the file (bravo) and lost the "power" tab of the workshop.
Google sent me to few mods but none of them did the trick.
Except ad3d0 who shared an optional file that restores 'Structures' Tab for people (like me) who are not able to read the description of a file.
So, I did the same for 'power' and it worked.
While checking the web, I noticed that a lot of users experienced this problem, so I extended this to all the main workshop menu tabs and shared.

Note that it's an original idea by ad3d0.

Brahmin in the pic: Ushi BrahminCompanion by gou with Healthier Brahmins by Uruchat textures.