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Modern Pharmacy - replaces most of the commonwealth chems with their modern counterparts.

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------Updated material files and meshes in 1.1-----

-- Optional Patch for MAIM users - created by sonicfan0607 --

-- Optional FallUI Patch for Item Sorter Recognition --

-- Optional Def_UI Patch for Item Sorter Recognition --

I understand this mod may be viewed as controversial, negative, thoughtless, etc..   I do not condone or support the recreational use of prescribed and non-prescribed drugs. If you struggle with any form of addiction, it may be beneficial to try and reach out to your local community for resources and help.


Uploading 2 versions of the mod, 1 with IAF Support and 1 without IAF support 

List of drugs replaced by this mod -----
- Mentats -> now Adderall

- Buffout -> now Hydrocortisone 

- RadAway -> now Potassium Iodide

-RadX -> now Iodine Tablets

-MedX -> now Morphine

-Psycho -> now Meth

-Jet -> now Cocaine 

-Addictol -> now Methadone Hydrochloride

-Berry Mentats -> now Ritalin

-Orange Mentats -> now Methylphenidate 

-Grape Mentats -> now Modafinil

-JetFuel ->  now Pure Meth Hospital Grade

-Buffjet -> now Steroid + Cocaine Mix

-Bufftats -> now Dexamethasone

-Calmex -> now Xanax

-Psychojet -> now Crack Cocaine

-Psychotats -> now Meth + Adderall Mix

-Psychobuff -> now Creatine

-UltraJet -> now Pregabalin

New Keybump animation for Cocaine (Jet)

Uploading this mod as Volume 1, please let me know in the comments if there are any issues, I will begin replacing what's left of the Chems shortly.

Tools used - 
3DS Max
Outfit Studio 

Credits to straw for the Biped Animation Cat Rig