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Various objects from base game and DLCs that are not normally available in the settlement building menus.

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I created this because I wanted a way to add various base game objects to my settlements that are only available through the console. Looking up form IDs and using the console is tedious, and even more so if you want them correctly assigned to the settlement to allow exporting with Transfer Settlements.

The mod adds a new category "Vanilla Objects" under "Decorations". All objects that you build from this menu are from the base game and Far Harbor DLC. Once you have built them, this mod is no longer needed. You can remove it at any time without affecting the built objects. Exported settlements (e.g. via Transfer Settlements or Clipboard Resurrection) do not require this mod. It is packaged as an esl-flagged esp so it only takes up an esl slot in your load order.

Since these vanilla objects were not intended to be used in settlement menus, they may be more or less usable. Some lack collisions, some can only be placed, but not moved or scrapped in the workshop interface (or sometimes only after leaving and re-entering the workshop menu). Place Everywhere is highly recommended (and may be required to place some of the objects). None of them have preview images. I didn't bother to create separate recipes with appropriate costs for each item. This mod overwrites some records to add names for these objects but doesn't make any other changes.

If an object cannot be placed even with Place Everywhere, enter the "Grass" menu. Simply navigating to the first item there should unlock the problematic objects. It used to be at the begining of the menu in v1 so you automatically scrolled over it, but as far as I know it is not possible to mix submenus and items.

Uninstalling: If you use a mod that repairs workshop menus automatically (e.g. Settlement Menu Manager or Workshop Framework) you can simply remove this mod. Otherwise you must craft and use the uninstall chem first to avoid breaking the workshop menus.

Updating from v1: Uninstall version 1 first if necessary (see above). Version 2 and up are packaged as an esp instead of the old esl which makes it a different plugin.

The current version contains the following objects:
  • 2 kelp animations
  • 5 beach grass and 2 cattail varieties. These are the same ones as in Zorkaz' mod. There is no need to use both mods together but it shouldn't cause any problems.
  • Lots of grass mounds, other grass objects and leaf piles. This covers most of Craftable Grass - Bushes - Vines _Plantable foliage_ (except the custom models in the latest version, of course).
  • 4 decorations from Cabot House: Ancient Medal, Ancient Pot, Ancient Wall & Cow Statue
  • Various brass plaques
  • 2 animated fish
  • Several animated mist, light and water effects
  • All 66 vines from the base game

Changes in version 2:
  • New esl-flagged esp instead of esl to fix the object names.
  • Submenus for easier navigation.
  • Added 66 vine objects.

Changes in version 3:
  • New grass and leaf pile objects