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Set any level cap you want without bothering me with requests.

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What is it?
It's a mod that caps your level.
v. 2.0.
  • Added MCM support.
  • Added workaround for bug where you not getting messages about new locations and etc.
v. 1.5.
  • Now you can set any level cap you want without bothering me with requests.

How it works?
You will get holotape when mod first loaded. Insert it into any terminal in world, nor PipBoy. Set any level cap from 0 to 65535. Desired Level number is set digit by digit, first tens of thousands, then thousands, then hundreds, tens and finally units. If you lose your holotape you can craft one at chem lab. If you have holotape in your inventory recipe will not be shown. Now your character will not receive any experience and stop leveling. However if you already higher that cap value mod will not de-level you (level down), because Bugthesda disabled any possibility for that. Or use MCM.

Short version: why not?
Long version: not once i saw screenshots with character level about 260, one and half thousand hit points and complains that everything is so underpowered... I don't want to end like this. That's why i made it, and i made it for myself. Just sharing in case anyone feels the same.

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