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A brand new 9mm SMG with a helical mag! Complete with leveled list integration and other fun features.

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The Infiltrator SMG is a fun new tool to add to Fallout's sandbox, offering low damage but a very high fire-rate to compensate. The 80 round helical mag doesn't hurt either. 

This weapon will use vanilla plasma rifle animations, which I believe are best suited for this design, but there are a couple drawbacks. (Mentioned in known issues)

Acquiring the Weapon:
To get your hands on one, it is added to the leveled lists of gunners and railroad agents, and starts spawning after level 18. It can also be purchased from vendors or found on legendary enemies.

For those interested, the Infiltrator SMG in this mod is very loosely based on the Chang Feng SMG in real life. This weapon has a lot of fun retro prototypes and I thought it would make a very fun addition to the game. There are some inconsistencies with the real world weapon however, mostly in order for it to work with vanilla animations.

Two Versions of the Mod:
You'll notice there are two files to choose from when you download this mod. The main file will feature integration with munitions, allowing it to utilize the 9mm ammo type to be more true to the IRL weapon.

However, if for some reason you don't want munitions there is a separate version that uses vanilla .38 ammo. I highly recommend munitions but this option is available for those keeping a tidy load order.

This weapon features a decent amount of attachments including:

4 Receiver types
5 Barrel/Muzzle options
5 Scopes
4 Stock options
4 Skins
5 Ammo Types (ie: hollow points, Rat-shot, etc)

Known Issues:
Before you report any "bugs" there are some known issues with the mod.

- Some small amounts of clipping during the reload. Sort of unavoidable with the chosen weapon and vanilla anims.
- The weapon is a bit large. Again, sadly due to plasma anims.
- The bolt doesn't move. PLASMA ANIMS. you don't really notice this one though.
- (For mod authors) All references in the ck have the root '22SMG' if you decide to tinker with this file. 

Final Notes:
Full transparency, this mod was supposed to be included with a much larger weapon pack that has yet to be announced. To be honest the weapon isn't quite what I wanted it to be so I decided to cut it from the pack and release it now. Don't get me wrong it is a ton of fun to use and is functionally awesome. There are just a couple of kinks I couldn't work out, so maybe I'll pick this up again after some other projects. But until then, enjoy the infiltrator, I think it's the most fun weapon I've released yet.

Crash - Allowing me to integrate this weapon with munitions
Dankraftt - Injection scripts
Myself - Modeling, texturing, ck work, yadda yadda.

Thanks Patrons!
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