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Enables collisions with live ragdolls, allowing Pain Train to physically collide with the target. Ragdolls will also collide with their own limbs, so limbs no longer clip through each other.

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This small mod enables live ragdolls to collide with the player, and it also forces ragdolls to collide with their own limbs. This is seen at any point when enemies are knocked down but remain alive. If you're a pain train user, this mod will allow you to physically push the target you collide with instead of just applying the base knock back force.

It is highly recommended that you use this in tandem with my Realistic Pain Train Knockdown force mod, here: More Realistic Pain Train Knockdown

Below is a short video demonstrating the effects my Realistic Pain Train Knockdown mod with Ragdoll Collision. The target's ragdoll now physically collides with the power armor as opposed to clipping through it.

The most visible effects of this mod are seen starting at 1:56.

If you're looking for more ragdoll realism goodness, make sure to try out these mods as well:

Dead Body Collision - by KiCHo666
To use this mod with KiCH0666's Dead Body Collision, load this mod AFTER DeadBodyCollision.esp.

Realistic Ragdoll Force - by dDefinder1