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Military clothing for male and female (CBBE) characters. Nice modularity, 11 loadouts, 17 color schemes, 11 country flags, 11 faction patches, accessories and much, much more.

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Just a big pack of tactical gear for male and female (CBBE) characters. All items, except the gloves, have 17 color schemes: 8 camo and 9 solid colors. 

You can put a country flag patch on the helmet and cap. There are 11: Russia, China, Germany, Poland, Israel, USA, UK, Spain, Sweden, Serbia, France.
You can put a Fallout's factions patches on the armor. They are also 11: BoS, Minutemen, Railroad, Institute, Gunners, NCR, Enclave, Caesar Legion, Operators, The Pack, Disciples.

The pack includes:

basic outfit (4 variants of appearance)
armor plate (11 loadouts with AR mags, 11 loadouts with AK mags)
balaclava (2 variants of appearance)
cap (2 variants of appearance)
cap for use together with balaclava (doesn't take a head slot, 2 variants of appearance)
helmet (10 loadouts)
helmet for use with balaclava (doesn't take a head slot, 10 loadouts)
tactical glasses
ballistic goggles
 warbelt (5 loadouts)
shoulder protection

All stuff can be found in the chemlab in the [P.O.P.] PMC Operators Pack
You can enchant helmet, armor, basic outfit, warbelt and shoulder protection. Since the pack is very modular, this measure was necessary to avoid excessive overbuffing of the character. Also note that each item has a different armor rating.

Special thanks to:

JesusOden, MaxRage808, Rocketbunny for awesome shots
SpongeBobSlavicPants for the AK mags and much more

Also if you're looking for unique, private and interesting outfits and mashups, you can visit my Discord server. There I publish works that I can't publish on Nexus for a number of reasons. Interested? Drop any part of the PMC outfit on the ground and scan the qr-code from the magazine.