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About this mod

A pack of military clothing for male and female characters. High quality, incredible modularity, a bunch of colors and patches.

Permissions and credits
  • Spanish
  • Russian
  • Mandarin

PMC Operators Pack  offers you new high quality military clothing, armor, headgear and accessories. This mod is highly modular, meaning each item has multiple color schemes and loadouts. I tried to make the content in the pack as customizable as possible, so you can change the color of almost every single part. Moreover, PMC Pack is competiable with Modern Military Pack, so you can mix stuff from both of my mods.

All available colors have been handmade from scratch to match real military and tactical solid colors and camouflage. 

Craft: Chemlab, [PMC Operatos Pack]
Upgrades: Available

What's inside

  • Outfit with the ability to change sleeve length and make tucked/loose pants
  • Armored Vest
  • Warbelt
  • Bump helmet (comes in covered and default version + version for use with balaclava)
  • High cut helmet (comes in covered and default version + version for use with balaclava)
  • Low cut helmet (comes in covered and default version + version for use with balaclava)
  • Cap (also has version for use with balaclava)
  • Comtac II headset
  • Gloves
  • Two types of shooting glasses
  • Balaclava
  • Groin Protection
  • Shoulder Potection
  • NVG (you can change its position on the workbench; NVG glows when down)
  • Helmet visor (you can change its position on the workbench)

Each item has a variety of loadout options. In addition, there is an option to choose either an AR lod or an AK lod. AR lod will give you equip sets with AR-15 magazines (Stanag and Pmag) and Sig Sauer P320 pistol. AK lod will provide you equip sets with AK system magazines (6L10 and Pmag) and PLK pistol.
NVG and helmet visor occupy the same slot as it's obvious you can't use NVG with visor at the same time.

Patches. For this small but important detail, I decided to dedicate a whole information block of the mod page.

First, patches will be available in two formats: round and 'standard', i.e. rectangular. Each patch type will have its own unique set of designs, except for Fallout 4 factions - they are shared (obviously). There are both round and standard patches on the armor at the same time. Initially they are "removed", you can add them on the workbench. Only the standard patch can be attached to backpacks.

Secondly, no country flags or actual units. In this mod you will find only fictional known factions from different game series:
The reasons for this decision are simple. I'm tired of mods being a field for showing political issues. Plus, having a lot of experience behind me, I can tell you that no one will be satisfied until the mod has all 126+ country flags.
So I added a design called 'Empty-put-your-image-here' to the standard patch. In the misc files you will find a dds-template that will allow you to insert any image or flag you want. Save the changes and your picture will automatically appear in the game. Win-win.

IMPORTANT! If you have previously used an old version of the mod, uninstall it via mod manager, then open the game and make a clean save without the installed mod.

Manual uninstallation

1) Open Fallout4 Data folder and delete PMC Operators Pack.esp, PMC Operators Pack - Main.ba2 and PMC Operators Pack - Textures.ba2 files

2) If you have previously unpacked ba2 archives, you need to delete PMC Operators Pack.esp and the following folders:
materials - Fafny stash - The Mercenary Grip
meshes - Fafny stash - The Mercenary Grip
textures - Fafny stash - The Mercenary Grip

Up-to-date version for Xbox

Outfit pack - bogdanzhukov2012
Stanag and Pmag models - ParallaxGameStudios
AK mags and groin protection assets  - SpongeBobSlavicPants
Patch models - VityaB and 3dmilitaryassets
Sig Sauer P320 pistol - here
PLK pistol - available in my Discord
JesusOdenViperCorm4ck and 
VasiliyStarcev - amazing shots 
Startakorxbox has permission to port my mod to Xbox.

Enjoy. Or not.