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This mod changes the explosion sound fx from Fallout 4.

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What is this mod?

This is the third mod in the "Cinematic Sounds" series and changes the sound fx for all explosions.. 
Although I admit that a lot of the explosion files are pretty good in Fallout and it was hard to come up with anything better, I still think that they could use improvement. This mod will replace all sounds to give them a harder hitting effect, with more force rather than style... If that makes sense.

As this mod takes a lot more effort than the previous "Cinematic Sounds", It will take longer to rework all the files. See below what has been changed along with a preview for the initial release and the 0.2 patch, which combined cover the more popular fx.

If you have any suggestions on which sounds you would like me to tackle next or any feedback or changes you would like, feel free to let me know.
Just an FYI, I next plan to alter the gunshots, should be good! 

Sounds Covered
Oil Ignition
Gas Ignition
Gamma Gun
Flare Ignition
Cryo Grenade
Pulse Grenade
Plasma Grenade
Institute Beacon
Fire Extinguishers
Nuclear Explosions
Glowing Feral Ghoul
Generic Explosion (Frags, missiles etc)

There are a few more sound files, but I don't know if they're significant to be honest. However if
there are any I've missed that you want covered, just let me know!


Added replacement for Gamma Gun
Added replacement for Glowing Feral Ghouls
Added replacement for Institute Beacons


Added replacement for Minutemen Artillery fx
Added replacement for Molotov fx
Added replacement for Cryo Grenade fx
Added replacement for Plasma Grenade fx

Tweaked nuclear explosions to be louder/more bassy.


Added replacement for Oil explosion fx
Added replacement for Fire Extinguishers explosion fx
Added replacement for Flares explosion/trigger fx
Added replacement for Gas explosion fx

Removed .mp3 files to decrease file size.



0.1 Release

0.2 Patch

Manual Installation Guide

1. Download the .zip file(s) to your preferred location.
2. Extract the .zip file(s) and copy the folder "sound", found inside "data".
3. Locate your Fallout 4 Data file, (eg steamapps\common\Fallout 4\Data) and paste the "sound" folder inside.
If you already have a modified "sound" folder, such as with CS-Discovery, you can use common sense and copy and paste only what you need to.

Alternatively, you could install through NMM. There really isn't a reason not to. :P

Cinematic Sounds Series

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