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Apparel and craftable mods to regen AP really fast: use VATS again and again all the time. Play combat turn based. Removed the 90% damage reduction in VATS. Fixed the PA bug now.

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It adds constructible assemblies of sensors and circuitry for the headlamp slot of power armour and mining helmets, which interface wirelessly with your Pimp-Boy... err... PipBoy and allow full-time VATS-Assist. I.e., you can use VATS again and again, all the time, without waiting for AP to regen. Basically you can sorta play combat turn based like it's Fallout 2 or Fallout Tactics.

As of 1.01 it also removes the 90% damage reduction in VATS, so basically you take as much damage if you play turn based as in real time. Which makes it a lot more balanced. And 1.02 fixes the bug that prevented it from working for power armor.

They also add +1 PER on account of all the sensors and circuitry, plus act as a bright headlamp for when you need that.

You will need a bunch of components and Science 3 to build them, if you want to keep it in character. Or you can just give yourself the assemblies with the console.

If neither PA nor mining helmets are your style, I've included some glasses and the two flavour of synth helmets with the same effect. And if you want black helmets, just use my Shadowed Synth Armour mod. You'll have to get those with the console though. Between the helmets and the glasses, that should allow plenty of combinations with other gear. So you can choose your style, basically.

In less in-game terms, it's just an enchant that regens something like 100 action points per second. So by the time you're done shooting and being shot at in VATS, you can hit VATS almost immediately for the next turn of combat.

This isn't as unbalanced as it sounds, actually, since at least until you have modified the weapon and upped your perception a lot, accuracy in VATS will be lower than if you just used the iron sights. Except for bloatflies and such, that is, but then those were hardly the uber-deadly enemies in the game or anything.

Done with FO4Edit, for those of you who care about that kinda thing.


Ideally, just head over to the nearest PA workstation or armour workbench and craft your head sensor assembly for the PA helmet or respectively mining helmet.

OR, if you just want the assemblies, like, RIGHT NAO, you can open the console and type
help "VATS-Assist" 0 misc
and use player.additem to give yourself whichever you want. Then go to the apropriate workbench and attach it.

OR, if you want the glasses or synth helmets, use
help "VATS-Assist" 0 armo
and use player.additem to give yourself whichever you want.

OR, you don't need any of this mod (well, except to remove the VATS damage reduction.) You can just type
player.modav 359 900
to have your AP regen about 10 times faster, regardless of what you're wearing. It's an undocumented variable I'm kinda proud of finding.


The state of the launcher being what it is, namely that it tries to disable mods, your best bet is NMM. Unless you already know how to do it by hand.


With NMM, or just delete the .esp plugin from your Data directory.


The lamp/sensor assemblies are just new non-replacer modifications, so basically they shouldn't conflict with anything else. You can use mods that add materials, linings, weaves, legendary effects, etc, to PA helmets or mining helmets, and it should work just fine. Of course, you can't use it at the same time as anything else that uses the lamp slot, but I don't think that's a problem.

The glasses, and the two synth helmets are new items. They'll be compatible with any synth retextures or materials, such as my own Shadowed Synth Armour mod. They will however not inherit any changes from any mods that change those. So if you use a mod that adds weaves to Synth helmets, well, probably it won't affect this ones. It won't conflict either, the mods just won't know about each other.

It SHOULD be compatible with anything that makes the lamps brighter or whatnot, but I haven't tested it.

It is compatible with mods that change other stuff about VATS than the damage reduction, such as VATS Over There.

It's compatible with companions, settlers, etc, in that they can wear it without any side-effects, but since they don't use VATS, they need VATS-Assist like Stevie Wonder needs the head-lamp ;) They still get the +1 PER, though, and, as usual, turn head-lamps on in the dark unless they're sneaking.


I release it into the public domain. Do what you will with it.