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Fully animated ponies to replace the User Interface. (Not finished)

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This mod has stopped development, I will not be providing any more updates or patches for it. If anyone wants to modify / fix / continue this mod, you are free to do so. Latest development files are uploaded in the Miscellaneous section. No need to ask me, just give credit when you do modify / continue it. PLEASE GIVE THE SAME PERMISSIONS I HAVE GIVEN FOR ANY MODIFICATIONS / CONTINUATION.


  • valbutsbloom (for FOMOD Installer, definitely download it over the seperate files)


Just as the name suggests, this is an MLP Mod which plans to overhaul the entire user interface. It features fully animated ponies from My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic as well as characters from Fallout: Equestria. So far, the more complicated, and critical .swfs such as the HUDMenu.swf, VATSMenu.swf have been given ponified illustrations.

As of version 2.9, the mod is aiming to finish up the rest of the 70 perks with one of ten already finished. The mod also plans to convert companion perks and magazine perks. The mod may explore into creating poster textures, PipBoy textures, etc. But as of now, the perks are the current focus.

I am currently the only one working on this mod, but would gladly accept any assistance.
I have no intention of porting this mod over to Bethesda.NET myself, due to the sheer amount of options I've made for this mod. But for those who wish to port this mod over, I give full permission so long as you give me credit. For those interested, here's how you can prepare an .esp for Bethesda NET.

  • Install the mod with all the desired options
  • Open Creation Kit and load Fallout4.esm
  • Save the .esp without making any changes whatsoever
  • Use the Upload to > PC/XB1 option (This will bring up a prompt to create an archive)
  • Add the interface files into the Archives List.

  • Use the "Download with Manager" button. (Most preferred method)
  • Place your desired files into folder into your 'Data/Interface' folder in "steamapps/common/Fallout 4"

Permission Notes:
  • You are allowed to modify / fix / continue this mod so long as you give credit to me.
  • Give the same permissions, and allow others to modify or fix your mods.

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