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"Never seen anything like it." - Kotaku
"A high effort shitpost with lots of gameplay." - Rock, Paper, Shotgun
"No one does it better." - IGN
"A beautifully nihilistic death simulator." - The Pope


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NEWS: (Updated NOV 07)

Sorry for the delay in keeping people updated. Reason why is because I (and what is now my team) are working very hard on the next update. It will bring lots and lots of new content and features. Gonna list the ones I can remember here:

Taking some inspiration from the features found in MAIM, we're working on setting up an injury and healing system that feels like a balanced mix of immersion and realism. I used MAIM as a jumping off point, but I assure you my own work is original and built from the ground up. Pain is represented by visuals, head trauma leads to auditory hallucinations and strange sounds, you'll need splints and slings to fix up your arms and legs, and painkillers to negate pain injuries. On top of that there's also a new health system. HP now only represents your vital organs, getting shot in the extremities results in bleeding rather than health damage. So a shot to the leg will not be as immediately dangerous as a shot to the torso. Rather, the danger comes from how the leg will proceed to exhaust your blood supply, thereby causing organ failure, etc. 

The result is that combat is now tense, and more flexible. You can in fact survive a few hits if you're lucky, and this will allow for more varied playstyles. Being frontline infantry is no longer a suicide mission.

The AI combat and detection system has been completely rebuilt. Now the AI can fire from afar, they can effectively use sniper rifles and LMGs, and they will be able to ambush and suppress the player, perform combat maneuvres and make choices according to time of day and weather. Insurgents will lay low and hide out on bright and sunny days, but will attempt raids and ambushes on darker and rainy days. Moreover, now there's also a hiding system. When you break line of sight with an enemy, they will attempt to keep you suppressed. They will not simply try to rush in and attack you like feckless shock troopers. AI will also disengage if a combat encounter feels unrewarding or risky, meaning that it's not unheard of that you'll have minor clashes and skirmishes without casualties. 

We've added an attrition model to the spawn system. This means that all food, medicine, ammo, and similar essential items are not only rare, but also finite. If you want to survive, then you'll need to hunt and farm and of course recover materials to get help from central command. Moreover, nothing respawns (at least not regularly), which means that you can now capture and secure regions of the wasteland as you slowly take back the commonwealth. After an area is secure, there will still be scripted events and attacks to make sure things don't get boring. But the war now has a real and changing frontline which will permit you to play the game as a strategy game as well as an ARPG. 

The Soviets and the People's Republic of China has joined the fight, and will provide you with assistance and resources. (Work in progress)

The minutemen have been given a facelift. They now have better uniforms and loadouts to give them a unique aesthetic that represents both their new alliance with the East, but also their own cultural and traditional ways of the west. 

Combat has been greatly rebalanced and is less punishing for people who don't want to always use stealth. A lot of new game mechanics have also been added. Miniguns and .50 cal weapons will now be able to penetrate walls. Ballistics and bullet physics have also been enhanced. And there's also new effects for blood and gore to assure the combat feels visceral and cinematic. Lots of guns have also been given better sound configurations since I've learned a bit more about how to improve on sounds. 
Explosions have also been overhauled. Less fire clouds and more realistic looking effects. Explosives also have a small inner kill radius. If you stand right next to a grenade going off, then it always kills you, that's just physics. 

Enemy encounters have been expanded to include new types of challenges. Including melee encounters, enemy infiltrators, mutants and some historical encounters such as Rhodesian paratroopers. 

Backpacks, kevlar vests and a few other surprises are now in the Commonwealth as I keep replacing the old cartoonish looking Vanilla stuff.
And last but not least, new intro video that explains more about the lore and backstory:


I haven't released a big project for several years. Reason for that was because I'm a little bit messed up I suppose. Modding for me was a kind of escapism. Right now I am recovering from a number of health issues, both mental and physical. I've worked on this on and off for a while and I keep putting off releasing it because it never seems complete enough. In spite of all the great support and kindness that people gave me for years following the release of Pandemic, all I saw was the flaws. I didn't know what I was doing, all the performance issues and bugs got into my head and I became my own worst critic. Only reason I've decided to release this beta is because of all the great people who, for several years, never gave up on me. I got hundreds of people asking me "When's the next Obscurum coming out?" Over and over again. 

That's why I decided to finally answer this question, and say that that day is today. All the faith you had in me when I had given up on myself is why I am releasing this. It's not complete. I need your help to finish it. It needs testing and feedback and direction. I don't know how to proceed with it. BUT, I think it contains enough content as to allow at least a few good hours of gameplay. I think it has enough core content to be entertaining. 

But this is kind of a big step for me. I'm stepping out into the public view again after feeling too self conscious to do so for a long time. I don't know what will happen next. But if people were so nice to me when I released Pandemic - an unmitigated trashfire - then I suppose the moral of the story is that I shouldn't worry too much. You're all very nice people who genuinely seem excited about my work.

So to everyone who kept asking, who reached out to me on social media, and on this site, and who told me I was good at something at a time when I didn't believe in myself: Thank you. Only reason this page exists here today is because of you. All of you.

Also I haven't been around here in a while, and honestly my nerves are frayed at the moment. I am super nervous as of writing this. I keep thinking I screwed something up, or forgot something, or I dunno, I guess I have performance anxiety. I haven't done this in such a long time. So if I made some kind of mistake, or broke some new rule Nexus has implemented, or whatever else, then I am truly sorry. But I hope it's all good and I'm just overthinking things. 

And last but not least I also wanna especially thank KingTobbe. I know he's no longer with us, he was one of the best people on this site. We were good friends, and I only learned about his passing recently. After I became a Marxist a lot of my old anarchist buddies stopped talking to me, so I thought he fell silent for the same reason. Turns out that wasn't what happened. He helped me a lot, and taught me cool stuff. I loved seeing all his projects, the stuff he published was only the tip of the iceberg. He was a great modder and he didn't just teach me about modding, he also taught me how to be a better person. Even now when I scroll through Fallout 4 Nexus I often think about him.

What really impressed me about him was that in spite of all his stories, all the dangerous and painful things he experienced and survived, he always smiled. He had a genuine love for humanity, and even though he saw the dark sides of life in his political work when he was helping poor people, and homeless people and refugees. Even though he saw so much pain, there was always that side to him that found something good and meaningful in humanity. For someone who died so young, he certainly lived an accomplished and exemplary life. If I can only do half of the things he did, then I'd consider my existence a success story. 


This time I took a different approach. But to be fair, I always do with Obscurum. First one was about ghosts, next one was about plagues, and this one is about war. I think Fallout 4 has hit a Zeitgeist of a lot of tacticool army type things. But my problem was always how the world was full of comic book type themes like robots and monsters and it never quite seemed to fit with what people wanted. So as you had all these modders porting cool stuff from Call of Duty games and what have you in an effort to make the player be tacticool, I decided to add the missing piece, namely, the surrounding environment.

All in all, this works like the previous Obscurum titles in its core framework: You're in a sandbox environment, the world is full of crazy and weird stuff, and you just need to figure out what you want to do. Fallout 4's basebuilding mechanic does offer a little bit more of a coherent goal in terms of survival, and I have preserved a lot of the Vanilla NPCs (for now, removing them safely in Fallout 4 takes A LOT of effort. It was easier in the past games.) 

But I doubt you can finish the main quest, and most of the wasteland is very different. I think all in all that it plays and feels like an Obscurum title, but I also think there's room for improvement.

Because one consistent praise people gave me for Pandemic was how it felt new. So I focused a lot on this newness. New weapons, new factions, new NPCs, new lore, new combat mechanics, etc. etc. I went for what I felt was the thing people were looking for when they play my mods. 

Did I do a good job? I hope so. But like I said, I am open to suggestions and feedback. In fact, I need suggestions and feedback because I've hit a wall and I'm not sure how to proceed. 

But the core theme is basically war/action movies. Just like how Pandemic's core theme was apocalypse movies and Unnatural Selection's core theme was horror movies. Pretty simple.

It draws a lot of inspiration from the cheesy cold war political thrillers I watched as a kid, such as The Sum Of All Fears, Air Force One, Diplomatic Siege and what have you. They're pretty stupid and nefarious in how they're intended to basically scare the general public into thinking there's all these random terrorists who have briefcase nukes and stuff. Just pure propaganda for military industry lobbies. But also, they're really good in terms of entertainment. 

Also if you've never played an Obscurum mod before then there will be a lot of stuff that might not make sense. I will make documentation and add more info as I go along, but I'm generally better at doing that once I get some comments and feedback so I know what people wonder about and what I should include. As of now, this mod is probably best enjoyed by those who know what it is. But at the same time, if you want to try something new and you feel a little bit adventurous, then I'm sure you might like it too. Just keep an open mind is all, and don't be afraid to ask questions. 


So the new story is pretty straightforward: There's a civil war. Your side are the "Minutemen" (that is, my new version of them) and the enemy side are a bunch of terrorists known as the Commonwealth Separatist Regiment. Most enemy encounters and factions such as raiders, generic spawns, dogs, ghouls, flies, you name it, have been replaced with various soldiers. CSR and also allied Minutemen troops. They fight all over the place and you can join the war effort as a Minutemen officer. 

The officer system is kind of straightforward: You fight the bad guys, raid their bases, do cool commando stuff in whatever playstyle you like. From stealth and sniping, to big guns and explosions, whatever. Then you recover tactical and strategic resources such as intel, officer's berets (to collect bounties), hazmat materials, even nuclear weapon cores. You then bring these items to your base and use a special terminal to trade them in for resources that can be exchanged for useful things such as shipments, guns, uniforms, you name it. 

So it changes the basebuilding mechanic in how instead of just hauling scrap, you gain resources through what is hopefully very cool and cinematic combat encounters.

So on the face of it, it's very simple. The complexity of the mod comes from the details of course. Since just about every gun in the game has been replaced, a bunch of new stuff has been added, the random encounter system has been modified, several factions have been replaced, and a lot of things work differently now. I've also overhauled the AI to be a lot more interesting, and most NPCs will now fight with more fun and varied tactics. AI is also a lot less restricted, and the enemy can act more autonomously in new and unpredictable ways. 

Difficulty and combat mechanics are made to be more fast paced and "realistic". Hardcore system is adjusted to be less tedious. I even included a scripted item that permits hardcore saves, but since it is a scarce consumable it still adds some strategic challenge due to how saves are partially limited. 

I've added a lot more Minutemen content such as new divisions, uniforms, loadouts and a bunch of other stuff. The enemies also have cool new special abilities and superweapons such as paratroopers and airstrikes and a bunch of Michael Bay bullshit that will fill the world with explosions and chaos. 

I've also made a lot of adjustments to new weathers and sounds, and generally tried to make the world feel more immersive and visually interesting. 

All in all, it's an Obscurum title. It is hopefully about what you'd expect it to be. It's a work in progress, as is this mod description. For more ideas on what it's like, just check the screenshots. I'll also answer any questions in the comments. 

But as it stands it hopefully ticks all the boxes. It has a new and crazy world full of weird things to explore. It has no story and a complete indifference to the player's existence. It has lots of guns and weird government stuff, and of course many allegories about how communism is a good thing.

All in all, textbook Obscurum. So put on your army boots, salute your portrait of Stalin, and get ready for some fun war movie hijinks. 

And in advance I would like to apologise to the segment of the Obscurum fandom who is comprised of weird right wing people who just like my Tom Clancy vibes. Once again you will have to deal with my uncompromising fealty to the great and indominable eastern bloc. 


It's a total conversion mod, and since I am only a single person I have done limited testing. I cannot answer questions about compatibility. But principally speaking it should be compatible with mods that add things, and probably not very compatible with mods that alter things. That's all I can say for now. 

Installing is pretty straightforward. Although as is the case with Obscurum, the folders are divided due to how the mod has a big file size. But fundamentally speaking you just need to drag and drop everything into the data folder.

Moreover, I am hoping to include a modified alternate start mod that fits the game's new setting. This is a work in progress, but for now I'm including the files I am planning to modify. I think the mod works without an alternate start, but I'm not sure since I haven't tested. Hence I include it just to be on the safe side.

If you've never played Obscurum before, then here's some key takeaways:
- Treat it as a new game. It won't work the same way Fallout does.
- Create a new character/save file.
- Don't wander into it with too many expectations. Most common complaints I get is that people were expecting something that it wasn't. I can't read your mind, so I don't know what you want. I just make mods that I think are fun and share them with other people.

Also keep in mind that the file size is pretty big due to how I'm replacing a lot of stuff, so make sure you got enough room on your HDD. Total size is roughly 8GB. But I would recommend freeing up 20GB since some extraction softwares rely on temp files/appdata. 

FOD: (Frequently occurring dialectics, it's like a Socratic version of FAQ) 

Socrates: If the creation of mods is indeed a work, as to be considered a labour that produces a social good, and yet does not pursue such a good out of the intrinsic motive of profit, then is it not to say that modding is a practice of virtue?

Kommenticles: Yes. 

Socrates: And as such, is it not then reasonable to assume that, once a mod has been made, it therefore becomes part of a greater and exemplary cosmic ether that in many ways defines the essence of virtue? 

Kommenticles: You are always right Socrates.

Socrates: So in lieu of such a circumstance, must not one inquire to the nature of modding not merely through the nature of what is Earthly, but also through that which is divine? 

Kommenticles: But how may one make a distinction of that which is Earthly and that which is divine? 

Socrates: That which is Earthly is things which possess a sensory element, which may be touched, weighed, measured or in some sense quantified through instrumental means. That which is divine is therefore by conclusive reason a thing that is of thought, sentiment, or implicit consideration.

Kommenticles: Yes Socrates, you are very smart and all the other characters in your book, such as myself, are very stupid.

Socrates: Indeed I tell you, we may find great answers to the nature of the mod by looking at things through this model of thought. 

Kommenticles: But what of ontology? How does the mod begin?

Socrates: Just as how there are mortals and gods, so are there users and modders. To ask a mortal when the universe begins, then by the inverse property of what is empirical, the universe begins at birth to the living. Yet, were one to ask a God, then the universe begins at the beginning of time itself. Verily I tell you, to the user, the mod begins when it is installed. Through the process of placing all the files in the Data folder and then enabling the esp file. This must be done carefully, as to not forget the alternative start. 

Kommenticles: And thusly I must ask, as we know the beginning of things, what of the saprology? How does it all end? 

Socrates: This is where one may witness how the helix of life and death grows ever constrained in its winding growth, for the end must be, by all propensity of existence as one may conceive it through its atomic conception, a thing of singularity. As such, uninstalling a total conversion mod which, in its propensity, maintains a great prevalence in the world that contains it, requires you therefore to likely reinstall the game. Or at the very least remove the data subfolders and verify the files using the Steam settings.

Kommenticles: But were that the case, then could one not simply use a mod manager? 

Socrates: Alas, a mod manager cannot in any meaningful sense reconcile what are many file replacements as it does not possess the originals. One could of course prompt the user to make a backup, as to assure ease of uninstalling. But there are few ways to do these things unless you know what you're doing. At which point, you would not need to study the transliterated works of FOD. 

Kommenticles: But of course Socrates, once again you are right and I, like all who debate you, am a moron. 

Socrates: Fear not, for to be a moron is to be given the opportunity to know one is a moron, and such humility is also a virtue. 

Kommenticles: Thank you Socrates, thank you for making me feel better. You always make everyone who isn't Socrates feel better in spite of how we're all clearly idiots. 

Socrates: Indeed. Good thing I know Plato is cheating on his taxes, without this leverage of blackmail, his books would be so much more nuanced. 

Kommenticles: But I also must ask of a matter that greatly weighs on me, for you see I was going to download this mod, but I found that it possessed a feature to which I was put off. As such, I elected not to download the mod. 

Socrates: Ah! But you must understand my good Kommenticles, this is not Yelp, nor are you a paying customer. You don't need to tell Thumblesteen about how you're not downloading the mod. For in fact, most of humanity is not downloading the mod. You can just live with ease knowing that, for all intents, it is presumed that you and indeed, so many others, are not downloading this mod. 

Kommenticles: But of course Socrates, as always you are right about everything.

Since I neglected to include a fun song here like I always do, I've finally found the time to make up for it. Here you go: 

Happy Jazz Song