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This mod adds 15 brand new Perks that you can learn from 75 new Perk Magazines to be collected around the world. The magazines are thematically designed to keep the same vibe of Commonwealth, and the Perks are all created with the game balance in mind.

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  • Ukrainian
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  • Italian
What is this Mod?

There are many possibilities of Perks not yet explored by the game, especially considering different types of build—still a lot to be done. The two most common systems the game presented to us to add Perks are leveling up and finding Perk Magazines worldwide. This way I am starting a project here to add Perks to the game by perk magazines seamlessly. I hope you all enjoy it.

What has been added?

Where I can find each of them?

Like the Vanilla magazines, they are all spread worldwide, considering Commonwealth and all DLCs areas. Although my supporters have access to it's complete list, I hope you consider it. Read the last part here. :)

This mod is a FINAL & FULL Nexus Version. Why am I saying this?

Because I love Nexus, and it's been 10 years of passion, I am a full supporter of this endeavor, and I know for a fact how important they are for the whole modding community. Their TOS is clear about not using mod parts/add-ons, so this version here is FULL and COMPLETE. But not necessarily the ONLY version you may find on other websites/web, with more features, variations, etc. They are OTHER versions of this same mod idea.

For example a vehicle, BMW X6 SUV M50i is not an incomplete version of a vehicle because it is not the M50i 4dr SUV AWD - 4.4L 8cyl Turbo 8A.

My point is that all my mods when I launch here are **FINAL** Nexus releases. I may keep evolving this mod here, on other websites or communities, but this has no relation with Nexus. I will not announce it here. Obviously, I will keep this Public version free of bugs, and I will keep updating to be free of bugs, but new additions, versions, and improvements won't be posted here anymore, only fixes to this version.

Thank you!

How do we support what you're doing?

There are three steps and a 3rd one in which I ask for something back. :)
Step 1 - Please, endorse the mod if you are using it and if this mod adds fun to your game.
Step 2 - Post letting me know you like it, you like my work, or what you don't like, suggest, share a screenshot here, etc;
Step 3 - Come and join our community! (Unfortunately, Nexus FORBIDS mentioning here where, but please MSG ME and I can point you to the directions.)