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A call-back to the days of Fallout 1, I have created a simple mod that removed every random drop of Power Armor in the Commonwealth- EXCLUDING THOSE IN THE GLOWING SEA. The Museum of Freedom still has it's T-45, and the Brotherhood still provides T-60, but no longer will you find frames in the middle of nowhere.

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This is more of a personal mod for my own playthrough than anything, but nonetheless, I decided to release it. 

What I attempted to do was remove every random set of Power Armor from the main Wasteland. Those in the Glowing Sea still remain, as it makes sense that there'd still be Pre-War Power Armor in a place where there's aggressively high radiation. The Brotherhood of Steel still has their Power Armor, and even gives you your first set, harkening back to their roots. The Museum of Freedom still has the T-45 set.

I did this after downloading a mod that makes Power Armor insanely powerful, as I wanted to feel I had to earn it. (Not sponsored.)

To not destroy the concept of bosses, NPC's still have Power Armor. I'd remove the set from Concord, but it's tied to the story which makes it a royal pain to take out- not to mention I'm a rather amateur mod creator.

I doubt there's anything this isn't compatible with.