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Adds an item akin to the Doctor's Bag in Fallout New Vegas.

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Adds a "Bandage" item that functions like the Doctor's Bag in Fallout New Vegas.

A "Bandage" instantly heals all your limbs by 20 points, and does not give you HP nor does it heal your rads.

- The item can be crafted on the Chemistry Workbench under the HEALING category for 2 Antiseptic and 3 Cloth.
- The item can be found wherever you could find stimpaks: raiders, vendors, medkits, etc.

Has support for Immersive Animations Framework. See patches in the files section; installing the patch makes you visually wrap a bandage around your arm when you use a "Bandage", given you have IAF installed.

I made this because I couldn't find a doctor's bag-like mod that gives a single item that exclusively heal limbs. Other mods have chems I really don't plan using in my playthroughs.