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Adds some decent stealth ability to the Silver Shroud outfit. Also activates linings and weaves, if you can make either. Balanced and lore-friendly, IMHO.

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It adds a bonus to sneaking to the Silver Shroud armour and hat, similar to the Sneak perk. The reason being that the vigilante seems to be at least partially based on The Shadow, who was constantly hiding and even had learned "the mysterious power to cloud men's minds, so they could not see him" in the East. Plus, he's an ex-soldier. Seeing the paralles with the veteran male character who fought against China, yet?

Plus, in the in-game radio transmission, the two raiders can't find the Silver Shroud even when he speaks, until he reveals himself. Which would indicate some decent stealth abilities.

The effect increases with each upgrade of the costume, so keep Kent alive. Initially it won't massively increase your stealth, but fully upgraded at level 45, the hat and armour together add about as much to your stealth as the first three levels of the Sneak perk. (Although unlike the perk, it doesn't remove your running penalty, nor make you immune to mines.) Or about as much as 8 stealth magazines.

If you want to know exactly how much you're getting at the moment, check your perks on your pipboy and you should see the two perk the outfit and the hat added. If you don't see one or both -- which should only happen on an existintg game -- please check the KNOWN ISSUES section for the workaround.

Note that the outfit perks are new and non-replacers, so you can still take the Sneak perks and read the stealth magazines. It will all stack just fine. And you can still pop a Stealth Boy if that's not enough. It stacks with that one too.

Note that unlike some of my other mods, this is not a "shadowed" effect. It adds a sneak bonus in ALL circumstances. Bear in mind though that being in broad daylight and in front of someone may still be too much for the bonus to overcome, but the bonus will still be there.

It also adds the ability to add linings, as well as railroad weaves to both. Pretty much just because I can't see any reason why you couldn't sew a weave into this one.

The railroad ballistic weave might be a bit unbalancing, but you need to actively go to a workbench and upgrade that. It won't spawn a railroad lining on its own, and Kent won't add one. So if you don't like it just don't do it. Or you can stick to the Institute Killer weave, which personally I find suits my avenging vigilante persona just fine. Your choice. You have the power there, and with great power comes great responsibility... to abuse it ;)

The hat now also CAN have a legendary effect, but doesn't actually come with one, so that only helps if you have a mod that allows you to add that. Or just use the console and "amod". Again, it's your choice.

Made with the Creation Kit and cleaned with FO4Edit, if you care about that kinda thing.


1. Kent doesn't actually upgrade the existing suit. He takes your old one and gives you a new one. As such, any linings or weaves you added will be lost every time he does an upgrade.

The only workaround that comes to mind is to remove them before you go see him about upgrading the suit.

2. If you're not starting a new game, the existing outfit and hat may not be upgraded to have the script. Especially the hat will not upgrade even if you haven't picked it off the manequin yet.

The workaround is to sell or otherwise get rid of the existing ones and spawn new ones with player.additem and the relevant codes from the following list:

0014E58E     MS04_SilverShroudHat "Silver Shroud Hat"
0014E58B     ClothesSilverShroud "Silver Shroud Costume" (the one you get off the manequin; no reason to re-spawn this one; just go hand the existing one in)
000E1A25    MS04_SilverShroudCostume "Silver Shroud Costume" (???; pre-level 15? possibly not actually used in game)
0002F525    MS04_SilverShroudArmor_15 "Silver Shroud Costume" (level 15 version; typically the first one you got from Kent)
000DED27    MS04_SilverShroudArmor_25 "Silver Shroud Costume" (level 25 version)
000DED28    MS04_SilverShroudArmor_35 "Silver Shroud Costume" (level 35 version)
000DED29    MS04_SilverShroudArmor_45 "Silver Shroud Costume" (final upgrade, level 45)


Same way as you always got the Silver Shroud outfit. But again, please check that you get both Silver Shroud perks when you equip the hat and the outfit, and if not, please see the workaround above.


Preferably with NMM. At this point it's easier than by hand.

If you're upgrading from the old Shadowed Silver Shroud version, please uninstall the old one first and see the KNOWN ISSUES section above.


With NMM.


It WILL conflict with any other mod that adds linings or weaves to the Silver Shroud clothes, or otherwise changes the base object. Which means more than one at this point. But this only means that the last loaded mod wins, so just make sure mine loads last, if you want my changes.

It is NOT compatible with my old Shadowed Silver Shroud mod, but you should probably upgrade to this one anyway.

It is compatible with mods that change the sneak parameters, or with other objects that add stealth.


I release it in the public domain. Do with it whatever you wish. I'm not going to hound anyone for editing the same records, or anything.