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A simple mod that allows you to craft weaves based on which faction outfit you are wearing. I have two different versions, one that edits vanilla records and one where you have to craft the editable clothing. This will stack with ballistic weave if the clothing can have it.

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Why did I create this Mod?
Because why does the factions that serve as an army have worse clothing than a scavenger?

Did I integrate the weaves in the Leveled List?
Not yet, but I plan to do that on my next day off work, Sunday.

Why do I need to use your framework?
Because it would have taken me even longer to make the mod, and I would have had to use the chemistry workbench or create a seperate workbench for the craftable version.

Factions Covered?
Brotherhood of Steel
Child of Atom
Institute (Next update will include synth underarmor)
Wastelander (Scavengers)

Why are the damages different?
Different factions have different technologies.