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Far less often fog, rain and rad-storms, because it annoyed me to see settlers sleep in the rain because they won't patch the roof. Should improve performance too.

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Basically, it drastically reduces the frequency of rain, fog and rad-storms, and makes them very brief. It also pushes the fog/mist farther away in clear weathers, making the air clearer.

Note that it can't COMPLETELY eliminate fog, rain or rad-storms, but they'll be very rare and very short. Any bad weather that gets past just editing the commonwealth weather pattern, will be forced to transition to good weather within a minute or so. So basically you might still see brief showers and such, but only very briefly.

Why? Basically because it annoyed the hell out of me to see soaked-wet settlers, sleeping on soaked mattresses, with water raining down on them
from a roof full of holes.

<Jeff Dunham's Walter Mode>
Fix the frikken roof, you idiots! We have the technology. Stone-age hunter-gatherers knew how to frikken thatch a roof. But no, everyone all over the place will just rather sleep in the rain and eventually die of pneumonia, than get up on the frikken roof and fix it.

And I know they can get on the roof. Oh, I've SEEN them chilling around on the frikken roof every other time I travel to Sanctuary Hills. Even the cows are on the roof every now and then, for crying out loud. Even old Mama Murphy is chilling out on the roof half the time. Well, fix the frikken roof while you're there, dumbass! Someone throw her some tools already!
</Jeff Dunham's Walter Mode>

Well, *ahem* anyway, if that's not an option, then I changed the weather so realistically it wouldn't be a huge problem if you only sleep in the rain like once a month. And coincidentally it also makes it more believable for me why all grass is brown.

Note however that some places may have their own effects coded in other ways, such as the Glowing Sea or Far Harbour. The script will still try to pick the best weather it can, but it can't remove fog or particle emitters that are part of the map. E.g., it will basically turn the Glowing Sea into something akin to Far Harbor: mostly without the raging radstorms, but still full of radioactive fog and glowing particles, since those aren't part of the weather. And Far Harbour, well, it will still have SOME fog, although I could swear the visibility got a bit better.

Originally made with FO4Edit, in the meantime transitioned to the Creation Kit, if you care about that kinda thing.


There's nothing to get. Just install and activate the mod, and enjoy your beautiful weather.


Preferably with NMM, since it's more foolproof than doing it by hand.

Otherwise, if you just have to do it by hand, just unpack it in your Data\ directory, and add it to the plugin list with Notepad, under AppData\Local\Fallout4\. Be sure to set the plugin list to read-only, or Beth's newest launcher WILL overwrite it and disable your mods.


With NMM, if you installed it that way. Otherwise, just delete the .esp from your Data\ directory.


It will technically-speaking conflict with anything else that changes OUTDOORS weather, but only technically speaking: that doesn't corrupt your game or anything. It just means that the climate from the last loaded mod 'wins'. The script should still work regardless of load order, though, so it's safe to put FogOut or Simply Better Weather any other such mod after mine. Or before. Though if in doubt, you should probably put them after mine. Worst that can happen is that the script has to force a weather change more often.

It is fully compatible with anything that changes INDOORS stuff, like lowering the amount of indoors fog and dust, since I don't touch indoors spaces. The script specifically avoids activating indoors.

It's also compatible with any stuff that changes the textures for the sky, clouds, or such.

It's fully compatible with all DLCs, including Far Harbour and Nuka World, and most likely with any mods that add new areas. Although see the caveat above: most of the fog in Far Harbour is actually a part of the map, not of the weather pattern. So you'll have better visibility, but it will still have lots of swirly mist even if I clear the weather. Which, on the bright side, I suppose means I'm not ruining the story there.


I release it into the public domain. Do whatever you wish with it. I'm not gonna hound anyone just because they edited some weather entries too.