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The Sanctuary roofs, walls, windows, doors, windows and bridge (optional) have been repaired using only vanilla + DLC assets (Wasteland Workshop, Far Harbor and Contraptions Workshop)!! There are no additional settlement building mods needed to use this blueprint in your settlement.

Permissions and credits
The Sanctuary roofs, walls, windows, doors, windows and bridge (the bridge is optional) have been repaired using only vanilla assets (including Wasteland Workshop, Far Harbor and Contraptions Workshop DLCs)!!  You can give your settlement a more polished look and not have to look at those hideous roofs anymore!  The repairs don't return Sanctuary to its pre-war perfection but look as though the settlers have been busy repairing the houses in a lore friendly way.

What you get with this Blueprint
  • Repaired roofs on all houses
  • Windows on all houses
  • Repaired interior and exterior house walls 
  • Doors on all houses
  • Repaired bridge (optional)

What you don't get with this Blueprint
  • Repaired ceilings in the houses
  • Repaired floors in the houses

To make it easy for everyone - all of the improvements in this blueprint were made using only vanilla (+DLC) assets and require no additional settlement building or decorating mods. To achieve the cleaned-up look, vanilla roof tiles were resized and placed over the existing house roofs, glass tiles and walls were glitched in and doors were placed in the doorways (the original structure of the houses hasn't been altered or deleted).  The bridge was repaired by changing the slope of vanilla floor tiles and placing them over the existing bridge.  If you don't want or need the bridge repaired, there is an optional blueprint that does not include the bridge.

Additional information
  • The file for this Blueprint utilizes slot 50 for the version that includes the repaired bridge and 51 without the repaired bridge.  Before adding to your files, ensure that slot 50 or 51 is not already occupied by another blueprint.  You should be able to locate this at Fallout 4/Data/F4SE/Pluggins/TransferSettlements/Blueprints/50 (or 51).
  • Always SAVE before installing the Blueprint in your settlement.  
  • It is safe to scrap anything that I built in this blueprint.
  • Don't like the blueprint after you install it? Revert back to your previous save or scrap whatever you don't like/want.