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The Wide Wasteland Warehouse (WWW) aims to add to the Commonwealth a plethora of new guns, armors and props to breathe new life into the Boston Wasteland, with lore-friendly arms and armour made with plausible manufacturing methods and design philosophies that fits into the post-apocalyptic reality of the Fallout setting.

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The idea of the WWW project was the dissatisfaction in Fallout's vanilla weapons, specially the pipe weapon and other 'home-made' guns. They simply didn't work or made sense in any design perspective.
The WWW aims to fill the gaps in some weapon slots, allowing players to choose and mod their guns to suit whatever gameplay styles they favor, from the pray-and-spray to the stealthy sniper.

The first iteration of this mod introduces to the wasteland the 'Valve Handgun', a powerful .308 single shot pistol that forces the player to make everyshot count. Made with simple materials and a strange rolling breech action (based on the ssp lone eagle), the Valve is a perfect early game weapon that combines the versatility and nice handling of pistols with the power and precision of sniper rifles. A gun perfect for upstarting gunslingers. 

To help me with deciding which guns and weapons are needed, I decided to make a series of tables that showcase my design process regarding the creation of the weapons and some of the attachments. This table will be updated every new patch, but feel free to add or comment on it. at I aim to make fully interchangeable between each WWW gun (and maybe even make some of the vanilla guns to accept them, lets see how it goes).

To start, some design choices regarding ammunition. I've changed and grouped them to fit the WWW vision and streamline some muzzle mods. The ammo groups, and what IRL rounds I am using as reference are:

Small Pistol:
.38 = .38 ACP
10mm = 10mm auto
Heavy Pistol:
.45 = .45 ACP
.44 = .44 Magnum
.45-70 = .45-70 govt. (I know the .45-70 is a Rifle Cartridge, but regarding bore size I grouped them together to share the same muzzle attachments).
Small Rifle
5mm = a blend of H&K 4,6 x 30mm and FN's  5,7 x 28mm. (this may sound controversial lore-wise but it fits the WWW vision and will popularize the cartridge beyond the minigun)
5.56 = 5.56x45mm
Heavy Rifle
7.62 = 7.62x39mm
.308 = 7.62x51mm (I know they are not the same but similar enough)
.50 = .50 BMG
12g = 12 Gauge Shotgun Shells

There are of course more weapon mods, but these are just to show some of the features that I want to bring with WWW guns and mods. 

Despite the number of weapons, after many years experimenting with different weapon actions and design, I ended up with a catalog of 3D weapons, many of which will end up in the WWW. They just need some love (and patience to deal with CK's many steps to implement anything in F4).

To keep spirits high, I intent to update the WWW every week with some content, be it some new animaiton, weapon mods such as a muzzle or optic,  appareal or some other minor asset or prop that brings the WWW vision to life. 

Regarding the mod structure per se., I personally deslike having to deal with multiple mod files, so I intend to upload all upcoming mods to this file, patching it up with new content. If people are vocal enought about wanting to choose between which weapons to add or not, I will make the option to add/remove certain weapons or content, probably with some holotape or something.

I'll keep you guys updated and intent to further develop and improve this page to keep you folks updated on the progress.

v1.0 > Added the Valve Handgun, the Pistol + Sniper Rifle Weapon 

v1.1 > Valve
Fix 1st person Power Armor Animation
Better 3rd person animations
Balance weapon stats depending on feedback.
Custom firing animations for different recoil values (extra)
Better mod listing and order, naming conventions
Class specific mods for the Valve Handgun
Sniper Muzzle (Adv. Flash hider) for .30 caliber (7.62 and .308) guns
Pistol Muzzle (Adv. Silencer) for .30 caliber (7.62 and .308) guns
Pistol Optic (Laser Pointer)  and Sniper Rifle Optic (8x Telescopic Sight)

v 2.0 > Squire Machine Pistol + Combat Sights (See Through Scopes for all WWW optics)

If any of you folks would like to make the WWW come true, you can buy me a coffee! You can also reach me at discord, MaxvonBehr#4965.

Buy me a coffee?

Special thanks to this community for the awesome reaction to the images I've posted, what started as just a WIP turned out to be a major undertaking, lets see how long can I go.
See you in the Commonwealth.