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Balances the environmental effects on all base game and DLC transparent material files.

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As featured on FUSION My new Wabbajack mod list.

Little mod that I have been playing around with for a while getting just right. This will make all transparent objects in the game (windows, water coolers, insect wings etc) less effected by environmental light. In the base game it can look as though these objects are glowing in darker scenes or at night. I have adjusted the material files for each of these to reduce this, adjusting the alpha of the object as well where needed. This reduces the glowing effect in all scenarios. 

A drawback of reducing this too much is in lighter scenes or direct pip boy light these objects seem to disappear completely. There are other mods that do a similar thing but they all seem to go too far and you end up having everything look good at night but terrible in the day time. I have balanced this around the tone of my Lightweight Lighting mod but it should look just as good in a vanilla game or one with slightly darker nights. You wont see any invisible bottles or beakers here!

Please take a look at the screenshots, they were taken with Lightweight Lighting installed and no ENB so its a fair comparison.