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This mod uses the external program Dual Sense X on steam to deliver ps5 dual sense controller owners adaptive triggers (triggers that feel real). Users may customize the included config json with a text editor to customize their play style.

Permissions and credits
Note: DSX on steam is a paid program on steam for like 3 dollars.

I wanted to play fallout and skyrim with triggers for my play station 5 controller... and now you can as well.

  1. Acquire the dual sense x program from steam (use the beta branch in the properties of it)
  2. Download and install vigembus and hidhide - this will require restarts.
  3. Download and install DSXFallout4 using a mod manager or directly unzipping into your fallout4 data folder.  The final location should be in the F4SE plugins folder and the config should be located in plugins in DSXFallout4.
  4. Run DSX
  5. Start up your fallout 4 through vortex or F4SE loader.
  6. Get in the game and equip a weapon through pip boy or quickslot.

Editing The Config
1. READ the instructions listed below. Understand that if you edit a config and make mistakes with commas or braces, you will cause a crash.  keep a backup of your config.
2. You may edit the json config file with any text editor.

I would not crank up everything to max.. there is the possibility that your controller will degrade faster or even break.  
I am not responsible if you use this mod.. period.

Editing tips.
  1. Edit only within brackets if present.
  2. replace only numbers.
  3. if you need to add numbers for custom params, do not add a comma at the end of the last number
  4. Add 40 or more to trigger threshold for the gun settings only so you feel some resistance before the trigger goes off. (recommendation)

Creating Triggers with the Custom Form ID

  1. only add on to the end and copy the format of the triggers before (i.e. copy/paste one of the triggers), do not delete the first 20 default triggers that have an empty CustomFormID: "".
  2. Make sure you watch your commas.  Only the last trigger entry does not get a comma after the curly braces.  Each trigger setting before should have a comma to 'end' it before the next trigger setting.
  3. Make sure to specify the triggerside correctly (1 = left side and 2 = right side).
  4. Make sure to fill in the CustomFormID: in the double quotes (hexadecimal number) for the modded weapon.
  5. - But how do i get this # for the mod?
    have your mod enabled and load up the fallout 4 console in a random saved game.
    lets say it is a bow you are looking for, use the following:

    help bow 4 weapon

    and then press enter.  That will give you a list y ou can navigate with page up or down and find the row with what you are looking for.  You want that wierd hexadecimal # that will be used in our trigger config.  You can test if its the correct # by trying

    player.additem <formid>

    and once you close the console it should add that weapon to your player.

    If that formid you write in the dsx trigger config is wrong, it will probably default to the generic trigger for the weapon type it was detected (which is probably wrong for special modded weapons like bows)  when you equip the weapon.

Example Setting for Custom Setting:

                "Name": "Left - One Handed Axe",
                "Category": "Axe",
                "TriggerSide": 1,
                "Description": "Trigger Setting For Left Hand Resistance at 1.",
                "TriggerType": 13,
                "CustomTriggerMode": 0,
                "TriggerParams": [0, 1],
                "RgbUpdate": [0, 0, 0],
                "PlayerLED": [false, false, false, false, false],
                "TriggerThresh": 0,
                "ControllerIndex": 0
Example Setting for Custom Trigger Type Mode Vibrate Pulse AB (Only modify the numbers or within brackets):

                "Name": "Left - One Handed Axe",
                "Category": "Axe",
                "TriggerSide": 2,
                "Description": "Trigger Setting For Right Hand Custom Setting blah blah",
                "TriggerType": 12,
                "CustomTriggerMode": 16,
                "TriggerParams": [0, 101, 255, 255, 0, 0, 0],
                "RgbUpdate": [0, 0, 0],
                "PlayerLED": [false, false, false, false, false],
                "TriggerThresh": 0,
                "ControllerIndex": 0

Name: Indicates what the program will read as the name.  Doesn't matter what you change it to because dsx will read it as Left One Handed Axe.

Category: Left this for future tweaking. Not needed value.

TriggerSide: 1 is for Left Trigger, 2 is for Right Trigger.

Description: You can modify this to whatever you want inbetween the quotes so its easier to remember for you.

TriggerType: One of these values that correlates to dual sense x settings.

    Normal = 0,
    GameCube = 1,
    VerySoft = 2,
    Soft = 3,
    Hard = 4,
    VeryHard = 5,
    Hardest = 6,
    Rigid = 7,
    VibrateTrigger = 8,
    Choppy = 9,
    Medium = 10,
    VibrateTriggerPulse = 11,
    CustomTriggerValue = 12,
    Resistance = 13,
    Bow = 14,
    Galloping = 15,
    SemiAutomaticGun = 16,
    AutomaticGun = 17,
    Machine = 18
CustomTriggerValueMode (only used if TriggerType = 12):  This also correlates with the setting
in dual sense x that you mess with. default is off or 0.

    OFF = 0,
    Rigid = 1,
    RigidA = 2,
    RigidB = 3,
    RigidAB = 4,
    Pulse = 5,
    PulseA = 6,
    PulseB = 7,
    PulseAB = 8,
    VibrateResistance = 9,
    VibrateResistanceA = 10,
    VibrateResistanceB = 11,
    VibrateResistanceAB = 12,
    VibratePulse = 13,
    VibratePulseA = 14,
    VibratePulsB = 15,
    VibratePulseAB = 16

TriggerParams:  You indicate inbetween the brackets what values you want for that
trigger mode.  Only some triggers have additional parameters listed

    TriggerMode.VibrateTrigger needs 1 TriggerParam (0-255):  
    Guessing this value is the frequency of the vibration
    TriggerMode.CustomTriggerValue needs 7 TriggerParam (0-255):
    This value relates to the 7 settings in dual sense x
    [0, 101, 255, 255, 0, 0, 0]
    TriggerMode.Resistance needs 2 TriggerParam
    Start: 0-9 Force:0-8
    [9, 2]
    TriggerMode.Bow needs 4 TriggerParam
    Start: 0-8 End:0-8 Force:0-8 SnapForce:0-8:
    [0, 8, 2, 5]
    TriggerMode.Galloping needs 5 TriggerParam
    Start: 0-8 End:0-9 FirstFoot:0-6 SecondFoot:0-7 Frequency:0-255
    [0, 9, 2, 4, 10]
    TriggerMode.SemiAutomaticGun needs 3 TriggerParam
    Start: 2-7 End:0-8 Force:0-8
    [2, 7, 8]
    TriggerMode.AutomaticGun needs 3 TriggerParam
    Start: 0-9 Strength:0-8 Frequency:0-255
    [0, 8, 10 ]

    TriggerMode.Machine needs 6 TriggerParam
    Start: 0-8 End:0-9 StrengthA:0-7 StrengthB:0-7 Frequency:0-255 Period 0-2:
    [0, 9, 7, 7, 10, 0]
RgbUpdate: Lets you control the color of the lights:
[0, 255, 0]
default is 0 0 0 for no lights.  you can mess with the rgb slider and enter values 0-255 to figure this out.
This will always be 3 parameter values.
PlayerLED: Controls the LED Lights on the dualsense controller.  Assuming you can turn certain LEDs on vs off.
[false, false, false, false, false]
default is always off no matter what you put because i would have to rework things that I don't want to.

PlayerLEDNewRev: Controls the LED Lights on dualsense controller for the new revision
controllers.  This feature i just set to always display
One light = 0,
Two lights = 1,
Three lights = 2,
Four lights = 3,
Five lights = 4, // Five means all lights are on. you would use 4 to have all lights on
AllOff = 5

MicLEDMode: controls the light for the mic on controller.
On = 0,
Pulse = 1,
Off = 2

TriggerThreshold indicates when it begins actually sending the trigger activated button.
min val 0, max val 255

ControllerIndex:  This indicates which controller to use.
This will always be 0. Do not change this value.

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