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Far Harbour once was a Dirty, filthy Place, but now is a true Paradise......

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If you ´r a Friend of Dirt, Trash and Filth, this Mod isn´t for you!

For all others, who find it´s Time that the Citizens of Far Harbour could clean up all that Mess, here you go, they did finally!

Acadia total cleaned and has now a Institute Style inside, outside it has Huge Walls for Protection + Security Cams on the Entrance! Acadia´s Synths are now with a clean Face and nice Pre War Clothes! Inside Acadia you find your own personal Player Suite + Power Armor Station and a Armor Workbench + Institute Bed and Locker with lot´s of Goodies!
Far Harbour the Dock´s are total cleaned up, has new more glossy Planks and Mitch Last Plank is now a Luxury Bar + Mitch and all his Guys cleaned Faces!
Echo Lake Lumber Mill is now Flat and Building Zone is now bigger, it includes that four Market Stalls we never could use, cause they were out of the Build Area!
Visitor Center is also now absolute clean, the old House is total repaired and behind the House the Mountain is gone, so you can also build there if you like to!
So Visitor Center most is FLAT! No Nasty up and down Hills!
Most of the Roads are cleaned from Trash, fallen Trees which blocked your Way!
Most Oceans , Lakes, and so on are clean from the Nuclear SLIME!!!! SO yea now you can Swim without saying ewww!
Most Radiation is gone, especially in Settlements, the Dalton Farm Flat, clean and No Radiation comes in the NEXT Update!
Food has now no Radiation Damage more! Nuka Cola´s all Sort of also Free of Radiation!
Nucleus is now no longer a Dung Heap! All cleaned + Sister Mai looks now much Sexyer and cleaner! One Thing, Cleaning inside the SUBMARINE is NOT possible, cause you would get weird Lights from the VOID, so i did not clean inside were Tectus is!!!!
Most Trash Cars, Trash, Dirt, Skeletons laying stupid in your Way gone! Most Trees they were fallen and blocked your Chance to Run trough the Woods are gone, i kicked as much as i can of them, but huh, we can´t kill the whole Forest, wouldn´t look too good :D
ANEW LOCATION is ADDED, it´s a little SUrprise for those, who were already in Great Britain and saw Stonehenge!

One Thing!!!! Please START A NEW GAME, so all what´s cleaned and done, like Settlement Flat and Ghouls are on the Ground at Echo Lake, can take PLACE!!!! 
Cause i recognized, install the Mod in a already Play Trough, shows some Things not as i made them!
So Dalton Farm as i said Flat comes in the next Update + Edge Cliff Hotel repaired and clean + the Vault inside + a Player Home in the Vault!
I hope you like what you see and well, Enjoy!


The Cliff Edge Hotel is total repaired and cleaned out and Inside, inside you got a useable Doublebed from the Playerhous.
A New Room as Secret Room is also included with Workbenches and some Loot, Money etc + the Gun from the Movie Django!  :D
In the Lounge Are of the Cliff Edge Hotel are Static three Stripper Poles, i am not a Scripter and i did them for Photography Backround Look, if someone wants to do sexy Photos.
The round red white Chairs in the Lounge by the Poles are NOW useable, also if you want to do Photos for Blogging etc.
On the Roof the Patio Chairs also are useable, if you want a pleasent Evening to Relax.
All Corridors are now Walkable, No Metal Trash anymore.
Vault 188 below is also cleaned from every Trash and all Rooms are total clean, especially the Overseer Room.
Beaver´s Creek Bowling Lanes are now also Clean inside, the Ceiling over the Lanes i still need to fix, but you can walk now without falling over every Nonsens!
Hope you like the 2nd UPDATE.
Thank you all so much