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Workshop constructible target dummy actor that notifies onhit range and damage.

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Build a target dummy actor (Workshop Build/Resources/Misc) and hit for on screen notifications of range and damage.

Place/Move/Delete in the Workshop build menu. 

The mannequin used in workshop mode turns into an immobile human actor so you get actual actor results that are totally neutral Armor:0 ER:0 DR:0 no spells, perks or other modifiers.

Talk to trade equip different clothing or armor to test those effects.

The target has a green FX shader to help pick from a crowd at long range or low light. To disable the highlight at the next object unload/load cycle console [ set SKK_WTDHighlight to 0 ] then enter/exit workshop mode.

To hide the construction option from the workshop build menu paste into the console [ set SKK_WorkshopTargetDummyEnabled to 0 ] any orphan dummy actors become scrappable.

No dependencies except Fallout4.exe (or later), EZ as.

As this makes no changes to the base game it can be installed at any time in any game stage and has no load order considerations.

The single archive file contains both ESP and ESL options, only install ONE OF THEM.  Yes you can ESL flag the ESP.

Enable Papyrus script debug logging for a record:


[SKK_WorkshopTargetDummyScript < (FF0015F0)>],Weapon,[Form < (00024F55)>],Range,462.434021,Damage,17.099976
[SKK_WorkshopTargetDummyScript < (FF0015F0)>],Weapon,[Form < (00024F55)>],Range,1135.445435,Damage,17.099976
[SKK_WorkshopTargetDummyScript < (FF0015F0)>],Weapon,[Form < (00024F55)>],Range,2067.926758,Damage,12.733215
[SKK_WorkshopTargetDummyScript < (FF0015F0)>],Weapon,[Form < (0014831B)>],Range,1705.004272,Damage,19.889404
[SKK_WorkshopTargetDummyScript < (FF0015F0)>],Weapon,[Form < (0014831B)>],Range,2716.927490,Damage,10.799988
[SKK_WorkshopTargetDummyScript < (FF0015F0)>],Weapon,[Form < (0014831B)>],Range,3796.691162,Damage,10.799988
[SKK_WorkshopTargetDummyScript < (FF0015F0)>],Weapon,[Form < (0014831B)>],Range,5898.951660,Damage,10.799988
[SKK_WorkshopTargetDummyScript < (FF0015F0)>],Weapon,[Form < (0014831B)>],Range,6784.125977,Damage,10.799988


If you are interested how weapon actual range is configured and calculated (not the bogus pipboy values) read this post Configuring weapon damage and range


If you want to shoot at longer ranges:

(1) Edit Fallout4Prefs.ini  [General] uGridsToLoad=OddNumber (default is 5 for 10,000 game unit active radius, maximum is 25 in low object count wilderness areas).

(2) In xEdit find your WEAP set DNAM - Data - OutOfRangeMult to 1.0 to maintain full damage at ant range, save as over-ride.

(3) In xEdit find the AMMO your weapon uses, find the projectile the ammo uses, set DNAM - Data - Range = 65000, save as over-ride.

For support use the SKK Mods Discord channel discord://