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A small cabin that has its own underground bunker. The cabin is situated on the edge of a tranquil, yet eerie pineforest, far beyond the western borders of the commonwealth. It has a tiny camp/settlement, so mass building is not advised.

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  • Mandarin
Pineneedle Rest - Player Home


                  LOCATION: South-west of Vault 111. The cabin is inside of its own Custom Worldspace, outside of the Commonwealth.

          Cabin keys: Before you use the rowboat, look for the Backwoodsman's body. Next to him is a leather backpack, the keys are inside.

                                     This mod is lore friendly, has ample amounts of unique custom storage which is ALL safe.

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     Q: Are you still creating mods?
     A: Yes. These mods take a large amount of time to create, due to the level of detail.

                                                                                        Created by: -TheDogOfWar
                      A special thanks to my Girlfriend, for helping out, for inspiration and proofreading. I love you! 16/04/2009<3