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Optimized for Immersive Gameplay and Performance
*SweetFX Wrapper (no Reshade)*
*Vanilla based*
*Removes washed-out/white-film look*
*Subtle Luma Sharpening*
*Subtle Bloom for increased lighting dynamics*
*Unobtrusive, true-to-life DOF*

Permissions and credits
Subtle ENB
Optimized for Immersive Gameplay and Performance
***Now w/ SweetFX Module for ENB (no Reshade required)***

Make sure to take a look at the user submitted screenshots.
There are some fantastic images in there!

Subtle ENB is optimized for gameplay and performance (not just for pretty screenshots). All effects were carefully configured to work smoothly in real-time and tested extensively to correct any distortions or aberrations that would distract from immersive gameplay. All effects were also optimized for performance as that is an integral part of an immersive gameplay experience. Therefore, you really need to try the preset yourself to experience all of its advantages. 

I have also chosen to complement and enhance the Vanilla color palette without altering it, believing that many have largely underestimated Beth's quality of work. After extensive in-game testing, I have found Vanilla's palette to be incredibly balanced and consistent, and this preset aims to demonstrate that.

Alternate Versions Available:
No DOF version
DOF Only version


Subtle ENB featured in Fallout 4 Seasons Project Video

▌ Produced by Hodilton  ▌


Subtle ENB is carefully optimized to accomplish the following:

  • SweetFX Module for ENB: All the FX without the performance loss of Reshade framework (Credit goes to woodbyte for the SweetFX Wrapper)
  • Removes Vanilla FO4's washed-out/white-film look without altering color balance
  • Darker Dark Tones without turning shadows black (makes nights darker)
  • Richer Midtones without oversaturating (such as in bright daylight)
  • Smooth Dynamic DOF without any focus popping or blurred text/HUD  ***focal point bug fixed
  • Subtle Luma Sharpening that does not distort skinny tree branches and grasses
  • Subtle Bloom Effect that waxes and wanes peaking at high noon to simulate bright sunlight, increasing lighting dynamics. Also applied to very bright lights. 
  • Configurable Border Effect for letterbox, pillarbox, or windowbox
  • Little to no loss in FPS (Approx. 0-5fps loss)


DOF Removal
Disable FO4's default DOF, which may give some inconsistent, immersion-breaking DOF blurriness during dialogue and other minor areas with Subtle ENB (this applies to all ENB DOF not just Subtle). This mod does not remove the murkiness underwater. Please read this mod's description for details.

Dialogue Camera Sensitivity
This mod allows you to move your mouse while in dialogue without breaking the dialogue camera. Therefore allowing us to look around a bit more, and shift the DOF focus where you'd like to during dialogue without worrying about breaking immersion. 


Fallout 4 Seasons
FO4 Seasons will enhance your immersion by allowing you to experience all the seasons of the year in Fallout 4. This mod adds/replaces foliage, grasses, even snow! Have a Christmas party with your ghoul friends or take a stroll through Concord in the Spring with Dogmeat. FO4 Seasons makes it all possible!

True Nights (Requires True Storms)
For the ultimate night time experience and designed specifically with Subtle ENB. True Nights utilizes distance based lighting to make nights darker while still allowing you to see what's in front of you. True Nights combined with Subtle ENB will create an incredibly realistic experience with FO4's climate and weather, allowing the player to truly feel the sweltering heat, bitter nights, and of course those harrowing radstorms! 


Installation Instructions
  • Download Fallout4 ENBSeries v0.291
  • Inside the ENB archive is a folder called "Wrapper Version." From that folder, copy "d3d11.dll" and "d3dcompiler_46e.dll" into your base Fallout 4 folder, where Fallout4.exe is located (e.g., "steamapps\common\Fallout 4\")
  • Download the latest version of Subtle ENB Preset (manual download only)
  • Copy all the contents of the Subtle ENB archive (files and folder) to your base Fallout 4 folder, overwriting all files if necessary. This process should add a folder called "enbseries" inside your Fallout 4 folder such as: "steamapps\common\Fallout 4\enbseries".

(Optional) Configuring "enblocal.ini" to your computer's available memory

ENB Series includes a feature that forces Fallout 4 to use all of the physical memory available on your computer (both system memory and video memory), often referred to as "ENBoost." After installing Subtle ENB, please follow the steps below to configure Subtle ENB's "ENBoost" to your computer's configuration:

1. Download VRAM Size Test Tool from ENBSeries website
2. Unzip the archive and run the VRamSizeDX11.exe
3. *** Due to limitations in the tool, please first make sure that the number it reports is below your physical ram + vram (If you have 8GB of system memory and 4GB of video memory, it should report less than 12GB total available). If it reports more, then ignoring the tool's results and manually calculate by taking your total available physical memory and subtracting 3-4GB for base processes such as Windows OS, etc. For example, if you have 12GB total available, then I'd consider 8-9GB as being available.
4. Open "enblocal.ini" in your Fallout 4 folder.
5. Under [Memory], change "ForceVideoMemorySize=False" to "ForceVideoMemorySize=True" (without quotes)
6. Under [Memory], configure "VideoMemorySizeMb=" to your total available physical memory calculated in Step 3. 1 GB = 1000, so if you have 8GB available then the line would say "VideoMemorySizeMb=8000" (without quotes).

Quick and Dirty ENB Uninstall

Delete d3d11.dll and d3dcompiler_46e.dll from your base Fallout 4 folder

Recommended Mods

Better Settlement Lights
- As my preset reduces the amount of ambient light, settlement lights which were already extremely weak may seem to have more of a spotlight effect (tighter/more focused radius with same intensity). The "Less Harsh" version of this mod (and only this version) complements Subtle ENB perfectly, making settlement lights feel like how lights in real life would work.

Sexy Cait - My favorite face for FO4 (across all characters, vanilla or custom). Beautiful, natural, believable. 10x better than any of the "top" faces on Nexus. Screenshots on the mod page don't do her justice, so just trust me and download.

Compatibility Information
Darker Nights is compatible. May need to use Medium setting or lighter as Subtle ENB already darkens nights. As for the Sneak Level, just use the automatic setting. Lastly, both Vanilla Sky and Dark Sky work just depends on preference.

Fallout 4 Enhanced Color Correction can be used alongside Subtle ENB and will produce a more saturated/dark look that some prefer. 

The following fix may be necessary for DOF to work properly in 3rd Person

Black Isle/Interplay
Boris (ENBSeries)
CeeJay (SweetFX)
woodbyte (SweetFX for ENBSeries)

Special Thanks:
GameDuchess (Fallout 4 Seasons)
Nikonthenet (True Nights)