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This adds four flavours of the Canadian energy drink "Beaver Buzz" into the Fallout 4 World.
ESL flagged ESP, with BA2 archives.

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Not long after Canada was annexed in 2072 a huge cache of the Canadian Energy Drink "Beaver Buzz" was found in an under ground bunker in central British Columbia. Three flavours where found. Citrus, Saskatoon Berry and the 15 year anniversary edition. After further excavation a fourth flavour, Green Tea was discovered. After consuming any one these flavours of Beaver Buzz, one had to say: "Dam... that is Dam Good".

They can be crafted in the cooking station under the BEAVER BUZZ category.

Update: added a file that replaces the vanilla drinking glass, in the NPC sit and drink animation, with a Citrus Beaver Buzz. This instead of Aunt Bertha's green glass.

Another update: a file added to add all four flavours to the leveled lists. Vending machines, in the world and merchant inventories. It takes 48 in game hours for the vendors to restock.

Thanks to Dart98Rock for allowing me to use the assets from his mod: https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/56460, to help me create the Beaver Buzz mod.

Other assets used, NIF Scope, GIMP, Cathedral Assets Optimizer, Irfan View and FO4Edit.

I'm not associated with Beaver Buzz Canada, I just like the stuff.