Fallout 4

About this mod

This mod expands and improves the Brotherhood of Steel in a lore friendly way. For example adding correct rank insignea to all Power Armor, Combat Armor and Fatigues soldiers and much much more.

Permissions and credits
This mod keeps the Brotherhood of Steel lore friendly to Fallout 4 while also expanding on them for example all Power Armor soldiers have a Knight insignea in the base game but with this mod not anymore

if some BoS soldiers show up in rusty T-60 Power Armor that means there is a mod conflict. make sure this mod is at the bottom of your loadorder or make a patch if you know how to do this

I reccomend starting a new game for this mod to show its full effects

Current features
  • Prydwen improved for player living by connecting workbenches, a food vendor and a player owned bed
  • Teagan sells power armor mods and all BoS apparel
  • Teagan has a small chance to sell the battlecoat when the player is sentinel
  • The player can now rank up multyple times by completing BoS story missions
  • BoS power armor paint for all ranks
  • BoS combat armor paint for all ranks
  • BoS pip boy paint for all ranks
  • All BoS members wear the correct uniforms
  • Uniforms can be modified with a lining and now have the correct color in 1st person
  • BoS Fatigues can be modified with ballistic weave
  • Increased survivability of vertibirds
  • BoS vertibirds have a BoS logo on them
  • Malden battlefield power armor frames now have (unobtainable) armor on them
  • Elder Maxson wears power armor when attacking the institute
  • Paladin danse wears a helmet (which is removable via a holotape that is craftable when becoming a knight)
  • BoS soldiers have expanded weapons
  • Boston airport doors between workshop and prime can now be opened
  • and much more -> make sure to view all features and changes in the changelog above

Planned changes and
  • destroyer of acadia for doing the quest search and destroy
  • prydwen ariving sometime after call to arms instead of after reunions
  • BoS Rank Paints for T-45, T-51 and X-01
  • clean BoS paint like fallout 76
  • T-45/T-51 PA mixed in among the BoS ranks as optional patch
  • vertibirds called from prydwen and cambridge police station rooftop and landing there

My other mods

I also want to keep a list of people who help me fix any issues by reporting them or even helping solve them.

Bug reporters

This is the chain of command i think elder maxson uses, if you think it is incorrect please let me know where and why