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Adjusts player movement speed to feel more realistic and immersive.

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My personal movement speed tweaks.

Adjusts player movement speed to feel more realistic and immersive. Sprinting is roughly twice as fast as walking speed. Running speed is more like a brisk walk/slow jog. Strafing is about 45% slower than walking forward, and walking backward is roughly 60% slower than walking forward.

Movement feel was based of games like Metro Exodus, Stalker, Escape from Tarkov, and Resident Evil Remakes.

  • Movement speed in Fallout 4 is the same for 1st person and 3rd person, therefore walking/running 3rd person animations may not look correct. i.e. The movement speed doesn't match the motion style of the running animation.
  • Incompatible with mods that change movement type records.
  • This mod does NOT change power armor movement 
  • Movement is made more consistent between all weapon types. Heavy weapons should still have a slower movement speed than rifles, pistols, etc.
  • NPC movement should* be the same as the player now, like when you have to walk with Nick Valentine during the main quest or escorting a Brotherhood scribe. 
  • POV will affect how fast movement feels in-game. I use FOV 90 90.
  • You can see dog and wolf movement types in the mod image files. I increased the movement speed values by 2 or 10 from the original value. Dogs are now slightly faster too.
  • Load this mod last in load order or closest to bottom.

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