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Small mod that makes it easier to access the hidden cafe at Diamond City

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Most people don't even know about the hidden diner at Diamond City, let alone visit it. For info on it, see here.

This mod adds some scaffolding to the existing scaffolding, which makes it easier to jump from the nearby building. There's also a scaffolding bridge to Diamond City itself so you don't have to jump the alley way.

Once in the diner you can find some food which really does not matter unless you are in survival mode. There's also some weapons and ammo added. There is a door that provides access into Diamond City itself, so in theory you could access Diamond City before Piper gets the door open.
I've also made a few minor mods to the guards around the city. Mostly added a few guards, and some basic furniture like extra beds.

Version 2.0 Adds a workbench to the diner so you can make it into a settlement.

This mod is packed with the FC-Minutemen2TheRescue mod, so if you have that, this will replace it.


Q. Is it okay to add to the game at the start / end / some other time?
A. It is okay to add to a current game. Personally I'd wait till after Piper gets Diamond City open. 

Q. Does it break quests?
A. Not that I am aware of. 

Q. Does it break pre-combines?
A. I don't know, I really don't care.

Q. I found an issue / floating object / something that needs fixing.
A. Great, please take a screen shot of it and let me know.

Q. Does ....
A. Hey, I'm just an autistic person from Australia who makes mods. I don't have all the answers. Extra changes are fee for service. This is not a joke. I'm tired of people whinging about stuff they can't do themselves and then demanding I make this change or do that and having a sense of entitlement about it. The mod is provided AS IS. I will fix bugs, and that is it. If you harass me for other stuff I WILL block you. No I will not make ESP files or do stuff about pre-combines. I tried in the past it was so stressful due to people nagging that I stopped making mods for months. Now I just make mods for me and publish them here if I feel like it. This means I will not modify my more for people's whims unless they pay me for it, including paying me to spend time training up on how to do things. And seriously, all the people whinging about pre-combines, no, just no. I will not stuff around with that crap after spending days trying to learn this "simple" thing only for it to be too hard. Don't even ask, you will be blocked. Sorry for the bitterness, I need to focus on living my life for my enjoyment, not due to the pressure of others.

Q. Hey, I still want "this mod" to your mod and I have the technical know-how to make that change. Can I make the change to your mod for you and you release it here?
A. YES! By all means. If you want to mess with the pre-combines of make and ESP file for me, by all means I welcome that. I am happy to help others who are willing to put the effort in.

Q. I don't like your mod because .... / I want to tell you you're wrong!!! / I want to argue with you!
A. No problem, scroll on and download another mod. If you be rude, argumentative or disrespectful I'll just ban you from my mods then block you. Please just don't. I'm very autistic and can't handle conflict.

Q. Do people really ask you these questions?
A. You better believe it.