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Craft traps to catch small or large animals out in the wild.

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v1.1 Fixed a bug which may cause a crash after removing the mod. Save your game with version 1.1 before removing this mod.

Trapping.  It's been a staple of wilderness survival for millennia.  Lay out some bait, or just a snare in a high-traffic area, come back later: FOOD.

Craft Large or Small Animal Traps in the Chem Bench, under Traps, of course.

Toss them out like mines, come back later, or just wait around.  Small traps automatically kill their target, while the Large trap simply wounds the creature, you'll have to finish it off.  Small traps can catch small animals, like rad roaches, cats, or bloodbugs.  Large traps can catch anything up to deathclaws.  The creatures are leveled to the player.  Large traps may occasionally trap ferals. 

Note, trapping requires patience.  Leave traps somewhere and go do quests, checking back occasionally.  Alternatively, sit (or just stand around) nearby and go grab lunch.  As time passes in-game, the trap will attempt to catch creatures.  Just don't sit too close if you're using the large traps.

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