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New outfits and hairstyles for some kids in the game, adding some variation, so they look less like clones, and without adding any extra features, new NPC's or messing with leveled lists. Go ahead and try it.

Permissions and credits
-First of all:  This is my first time making a mod. This works in my game, so if it's not working for you, please let me know to see if I can do something about it (more than 300 downloads and nobody has complained about the mod not working properly, so l assume it's ok). 

This mod is intended for a new game. If you use a new game you don't need to do anything, the affected NPC will have the new outfits and hairstyles. You can use this mod in an existing game, but you will only have the hairstyles and to get the new outfits you will have to use the console command "Resurrect" in every kid affected by this mod, and that may cause problems, so do it at your own risk.

What it does?____________________________________________________________________________________________________________

I wanted a mod that added some variety to the children in Fallout 4 without adding anything extra like orphans, raider children, leveled lists, etc. Also, without adding too flashy or too adult hairstyles and outfits.
So, I edited some Children NPC with FO4edit and now some of them have new outfits and hairstyles provided from the mods Kids wear Modder Resource and More Hairstyles for Children (both required. You will also need Far Harbor and Nuka World because I edited children NPCs in those expansions too).

I didn't edit every Kid, and not every edited kid has a different outfit and hairstyle. Some have both, some just a new outfit or just a new hairstyle.


The outfits aren't craftable, and they are only available for the edited vanilla NPC, not for the player, vendors, or other NPCs (that surpasses my knowledge and I just wanted to play but here I am still testing mods).

If you don't like an outfit or hairstyle you can personalize it with Fo4edit, since the hairstyles and outfits are already master of the ESP they will appear listed in the options for the edited NPCs.

What children were edited?______________________________________________________________________________________________

The affected children NPCs are on the images provided, but some were left out to avoid spoilers for those who haven't played the game or finished it yet. 

This is the fully detailed list:


Let your mod manager handle it. The plugin must be after the required mods, but that should be automated by your mod manager.


-Should be compatible with anything that does not affect the mentioned NPCs.  
-Any faction uniform retexture should be compatible since I didn't alter the outfits from Vault 81, The Institute or the Brotherhood of Steel.
The hairstyles might clip if you make the children wear hats or helmets, so don't do it (that's from the hair mod, nothing I can do about it).

Other mods in screenshots______________________________________________________________________________________________

-The Vault suits are from Proto Vault Suit.
-The black pipboy textures from  Rusty Black Pip-Boy (Lore-Friendly)
Both are totally recommended and compatible.


You can use this mod for any of your projects or to make your own mod with more/different assets. You don't need my permission.
Also, I don't know if this can be ported to consoles, but if someone wants to do it they are welcomed.

My Mods________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

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Covenant Fisherman Outfit


Thanks to jacknifelee and ElwinSil for their mods and work.

I also recommend using Better Children Face Mesh and Presets  by ElwinSil, so the kids look less potato.