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Dogmeat behaves in a reasonably cautious way for its experience with the hazardous wasteland! And it's everyone's friend!

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Dogmeat's behavior changed:
  • Non-aggressive: It won't bite anything hostile immediately at the sight of them.
  • (But it bites back when being attacked.)
  • Intelligent: Avoid impossible war. It will retreat from combat if enemies are too much stronger.
  • Version 1.1: Everyone considers Dogmeat a friend!
Your enemies won't attack Dogmeat at sight. But they will when you order Dogmeat to attack them first.
Please note that for v1.1 I added a new faction tag (Captive Faction) to the dog. This may modify its behavior and cause bugs. If you find anything wrong with v1.1, use the old version.

What I've changed (using FO4Edit):

Version 1.1 (May cause bugs)

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